If you’re looking for reviews of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, look no further.

Celebrities in attendance included Orlando Bloom (boyfriend to Miranda Kerr, and not ashamed to show how proud he is), a pregnant Beyonce, and Joe Manganiello of True Blood fame.

There were different chapters for the show: Ballet, Superhero, Latin Passion, Aquatic Angels, I Put a Spell On You and Club Pink. By far, the best two were Ballet and I Put a Spell On you. The Passion segment seemed to be pushing the cheesy barrier. Club Pink was the most fun, which is probably while Nicki Minaj held court during that chapter.

Some of the models showed more personality than others. Alessandria Ambrosio seemed to have lots of energy, even when one of her heels broke.

Maroon 5 performed, and Adam Levine was able to share the stage with his girlfriend Anne V. They shared some fun catwalk time, and it’s too bad more of the models didn’t play and have fun like that during their moment in the spotlight.

This Victoria’s Secret fashion show is all about selling the VS brand right before Christmas, so you try to emulate the VS Girl and buy from the store. (Not just the lingerie, the makeup, perfume, clothing, etc.) To help with that, there were sections about the real models interspersed within the runway show.

The irony meter went off when some of the Angels wanted their superpower to be that of invisibility, and how earnestly others talked about how being an Angel is the true American Dream.

Some of the lyrics to the Kanye song “Stronger” also rang that irony bell – “Do anybody make real shit anymore?” (Most of the models have fake breasts and their bodies are not just starved but there’s makeup applied to make them look extra toned.) Although, equally fitting are the lyrics, “Bow in the presence of greatness.”