You’re going to get melty feelings from this – fair warning! Giving us Phil Collin’s “Against All Odds” – it was Vedo from Team Usher!



Usher picked this song for Vedo, an at first Vedo was like “Whaaaa.” But he soon saw the emotional relevance in the lyrics.

As a sidenote, if you’ve never heard the cover of this song by The Postal Service, you really should.

I like Vedo a lot. I find his story makes me really care for him and his future. And his voice really is phenomenal and …melty. Or maybe a mature person would call it “smooth.” Good thing I don’t have to be mature, right?


Shakira didn’t seem to like this, I was confused by her reaction.

Usher said he was 100% pleased his his performance. “I think you are definitely on track for success, brother.”

Vedo “Against All Odds” Video

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