Narrowing down the most beautiful, sexy, blood sucking babes is no easy task. With enough hotness to inspire countless sorority Halloween holiday costumes, these ladies are a true inspiration. But what about the brains behind the blood? These five show-stoppers are bursting with fun facts behind the fangs.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene (Underworld)

Kate’s got the beauty of an English rose and the tenacity of an army. The matriarch of the Underworld franchise knows how to work a skin tight black unitard-looking suit like no other. Butt kicking Kate dazzles as she tears up the screen as Selene, but the real Kate might be just as impressive. This brainy beauty studied French and Russian Literature at Oxford before leaving to pursue acting. We’re glad she did too, because otherwise we would have never gotten to see her annihilate lycans in the sexiest way possible.

Milla Jovovich as Alice (Resident Evil)

This waif-like coquette could burn a hole through steel with those piercing eyes. The tough-as-nails but ultra feminine beauty wins our hearts and saves good guys as Alice, but long before her acting days, she tried her hand at being a singer. Jovovich released her first album “The Divine Comedy,” at only 18-years-old. Just in case you aren’t spellbound enough by her face, it turns out she has the voice of a sultry angel.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan (Twilight)

Bella might be lacking in the personality department, but there’s no denying those vacant eyes are pleasant to look at. This vixen may have stepped out on her real-life Edward, but Twilight’s Bella Swan exudes loyalty despite the temptation of Jacob Black, and that kind of devotion is hot. She chose Edward over werewolf Jacob in the film series, but in real life her family keeps actual pet wolves. That’s a howl of a hobby.

Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn)

There should be a life-size poster of Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium next to the word buxom in the dictionary. This flawless beauty dazzles and has undoubtedly turned many boys into men, but long before her stint as a sexpot, little Salma was kicked out of a prestigious boarding school for being a prankster. Adding a Bart Simpson-esque streak to the blood thirsty vixen makes her almost too hot to handle.

Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby (True Blood)

The ultimate girl next door, with a kick. If her crimson locks and mile-high porcelain GAMS don’t do it for you, then her cobalt blue eyes and blood thirsty lips will have you spellbound. The lovely Deborah is a bit less sinister in real life, devoting much of her free time and influence to a charity that seeks to end choroideremia, a condition that slowly leads to blindness. Not being able to see Deborah in her fang-clad glory would be a tragedy.

Written by guest contributor Pedro Cavallaro.

Pedro studied media and technology in college. He now spreads his knowledge by freelancing and editing, and enjoys creating mock budgets for comic book characters, writing about media and gaming. He also enjoys the fantasy, sci-fi world.

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