vampire diaries poster

Two new sweeps posters for Vampire Diaries were released. I like one a lot more than the other for two reasons 1) It’s Damon/Elena whom I ship 2) It’s graphically more appealing to the eye. But you be the judge!

The first poster shows Elena and Damon with the words “Do you trust me?”* And the second poster shows Damon’s angry face, and Stefan leaning over a girl that could be Elena OR Katherine. The text for that is “You’re either with me, or you’re dead.” This is probs what Damon says to Stefan when he realizes Stefan wants to screw him over. (I typed this before viewing “Children of the Damned”.) I get mad when people try to screw me over, although I don’t threaten death. I usually just kind of glare pointedly. It’s effective! Or maybe not. Well, we’re not all vampires – I use the tools at my disposal!

What’s funny¬† about the second poster is that Damons’ cheeks are super pink like he’s wearing blush. But as a vampire, shouldn’t he be pale? The first poster also shows too much of a magenta/pink on his lips and cheeks. I understand that was the color scheme – but it’s distracting to see. They should have toned down the pink layer color when it wasn’t on Elena.

*This is a great poster for people who love the idea of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dating. Which, I do.

vampire diaries posters