the vampire diaries unpleasantville

What did you guys think of The Vampire Diaries “Unpleasantville” episode? I loved the 50’s Decade Dance, and all of the outfits along with it. Like Elena, I am a big fan of poodle skirts. And Stefan surprised us with some very handy dance moves, even if he was reluctant about them.

The episode ended with the song famous for being ‘eerie’ enough to be in the famous Halloween film. A film that Kevin Williamson adores. What’s the song? Mr. Sandman!

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It’s nice that Bonnie is getting some romance, but we think this is one vampire/human coupling that isn’t going to end well. Did you guys suspect that he was a vampire? I didn’t! I didn’t even suspect that girl, even though looking back the ‘home schooling’ stuff all makes sense. Vampires don’t have to go to school. But the real question is if these vamps are evil, or not? They all seemed to know Katherine, and they don’t like Stefan or Damon. But that alone can’t make them evil. We need more evidence. Poor Matt, he’s gonna get screwed again, isn’t he?

Caroline had the real romantic moment of the night, and my only wish was that more music had cued up for that street kiss!

I like Damon, and so it’s probably no surprise that I’m defensive of him. I am sad that he is getting played by Stefan now (about helping him get Katherine safe). Stefan could actually earn his brother’s trust, but this will just prove that he’s not to be trusted anymore than Damon can be. I’m not saying Stefan has to help his brother, but he doesn’t have to outright say he’ll help either.


– For a shy girl, does Bonnie even like Karaoke?
– Isabel (Isobel). Hmmm. I’m interested to see how Elena’s bio Mom line plays out. Could Alaric be Elena’s Dad?
– When Damon asked Bonnie and Caroline to dance, I felt sad he was rebuffed. He just wanted to enjoy the dance, man!