How do you fool an original vampire? You just have to be a good actress.

alaric as klaus

It’s time to recap what happened on The Vampire Diaries “The Last Dance.” Our team came out alright. Mostly. After an impromptu Twitter poll, we decided the character we’d focus on for this recap is Alaric, or Klaus or… well, Klalaric. You guys do remember the part about how Klaus-is-Alaric now, right? Okay, then we’re good. It’s a pretty awesome way for “Alaric” to have more screen time, and to have kept fans guessing about who would be cast as Klaus. Did anyone think it would be someone already in the cast? I certainly didn’t. I was fooled. But I’m always fooled by The Vampire Diaries.

We pick the episode up with Klaus and Katherine. After 500 years, Klaus has found the one thing he couldn’t procure on eBay – Katherine! And he’s not exactly pleased with how she’s kept him waiting. Though he has a jolly attitude, he’s still angry.This is why he decides to compel Katherine to continuously stab herself in the thigh while he’s gone. If she gets bored, he suggests she try the other leg. He finds this all fun. But…what to WEAR?

Klaus is style conscious, and apparently not a fan of what Alaric wore around town. “Bad or badder?” he asked of his choices.  He’ll have to find time to shop later though, he’s got a doppelganger to find.

QUESTION: Do you think Alaric is aware of his body while Klaus controls it? Or will he never remember any of this, if he survives?

Not one to make students miss out on their education, Klaus shows up as Alaric, ready to talk about the 60’s. It’s time for the school’s decade dance to celebrate hippies, you see. Klaus was more a fan of the 20’s, so he knows about as much as I do about the 60’s – citing The Beatles and the moon landing. Still, no one suspects a thing. When Elena accidentally reveals how close she is to Alaric by calling him “Rick” it’s a nice moment to remind us how much she trusts him. And, of course, probably made the other kids in class wonder if they were having an affair.

Later on at lunch, Dana shows up at Elena’s table to convey a message from a cutie named Klaus, who wants Elena to save the last dance. Yea, that didn’t go over well. Klaus was probably downright giddy about this.

The next time we see Alaric, or, Klalaric, he is entering the Salvatore’s residence easy as pie. Earlier we saw that Elena has the deed to the house and has to personally invite any vampires in. But Alaric is a human, and Klaus hiding out in a human has its perks.

While hanging out at the Salvatore’s, Alaric learns that Bonnie’s juiced with powers. Not good for him. He has a plan to make Bonnie use all of her powers and DIE.

Alaric pulls a stunt at the dance, which is perfectly timed for when Elena and Stefan walk in. They hear that the next song is dedicated to Elena from Klaus. It’s a very public reminder that his eyes are on Elena. When Damon siddles up to Alaric, he confesses that he’s not impressed. This bruises Klaus’ ego, I think. I mean, you go to all that trouble and no one even cares? Pft. Where’s the gratitude for his evil plans?

QUESTION: Where IS the gratitude? Kidding.

We move along, and Jeremy is getting beaten up as a distraction for Klaus to get Elena and Bonnie to follow him. He reveals who he is quite quickly. “I am not Alaric.” Surprise! The two girls immediately think that Alaric must be compelled by Klaus. Little do they realize that this is far more serious than that. Of course, they catch on eventually.

QUESTION: Why did Klaus decide to bodyhop into Alaric, out of everyone? Was Jeremy too weak of a body? P.S. If anyone creates a funny album of TVD songs, one of them should be “The Klaus Bodyhop!”

Klaus attacks Bonnie, as planned, to wear her out. In his stupid human body, he doesn’t have as much strength as he would as a vampire. Still, Alaric isn’t totally weak.

QUESTION: Does anyone have any qualms about killing Alaric if it means killing Klaus? Nope. He’s collateral damage, and everyone knows it’s what Alaric would want.

Seeing Bonnie “die”, Klaus leaves and probably went to find some better clothes. (Of course, we know that Bonnie faked her death. Shhh. )

QUESTION: Will Alaric be killed? I think that he will be. And I think Klaus will simply body swap with someone else, so killing Alaric will be in vain, and very sad. What do YOU guys think?

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