What songs were in the The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 2 “The Hybrid”? We have the list! What was your favorite TVD song of the night? For me, the Jason Walker song “Echo” really uh, … what? I’m not tearing up? Shhuush!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Music Guide for Season 3 Episode 2 “The Hybrid”

Song: “Parade”
Artist: Delta Spirit
Sample Lyrics:

Living like they never thought they ever could
Paupers begging like the forest turned to soot
Burning out the sun
Gonna get mine before the end is come

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Song: “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)”
Artist: Portugal The Man
Sample Lyrics:

This can’t be living now, if so then show me how
We’ll shake, shake, shake the night away
We shook, shook, shook, the night away.
Want a love like this night is young
But will I die as I become one
At the bottom of it all
You got it all
Til the revolution comes

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Song: “Still New”
Artist: Smith Westerns
Sample Lyrics:

No doubt it’s you I think and dream about
And oh could it be possible for you to be with me?
And are you glamor amorous?
Shamed-marked eyes make it so obvious
I wanna tell you you’re hard to resist
I wanna tell you you’re hard to resist
And if this is all that you know,
Don’t go in alone
If this is all that you know,
Don’t go in alone

Go away, it’s time for you to come away
Oh would you think it’s hard for me to stay this way?

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Song: “A Heavy Abacus”
Artist: The Joy Formidable
Sample Lyrics:

Here we are, bending feet
In the dark before dreamless sleep
Cloaks that spot, that shiver, that breeze
Throws you in the dark

Happiness it won’t last long
And this child behind stores it all
The failed man’s curse and the cost
Of nonchalance

Thank you sly watchful gene
A plastic life up my sleeve
If you’ve followed this far you’ve realized nothing

Now your world is here
Watch it disappear

Abacus haunting me
Abacus watching me

And it all plays out
And it always comes around
The message fades but the mess prevails
You reckless thing leaving you in our hands

All we have is this chance called memory

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Song: “Echo”
Artist: Jason Walker
Sample Lyrics:

Hello, hello
anybody out there?
’cause I don’t hear a sound
alone, alone
I don’t really know where the world is but I miss it now

I’m out on the edge and I’m screaming my name
like a fool at the top of my lungs
sometimes when I close my eyes
I pretend I’m alright
but it’s never enough
cause my echo, echo
is the only voice coming back
my shadow, shadow
is the only friend that I have

listen, listen
I would take a whisper if
that’s all you have to give
but it isn’t, isn’t
you could come and save me
try to chase it crazy right out of my head

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