In The Vampire Diaries “The Last Day” Matt was, as usual, out of the loop. That is, until he decided to charge right into the line of fire. Who else cheered for Matt?!

The Vampire Diaries “The Last Day” Recap for Matt

Caroline surprised Matt at the grill during his break, and she’s lucky she didn’t snoop far enough to see that he was meeting her Mom. Torn between thinking Caroline is still sweet and well-meaning (and hey, she is – just with an advanced dental plan) and what Sheriff Forbes says about her being a monster…Matt went the safe route and chose to believe vampires were bad creatures of the night.

Meeting up with Caroline didn’t happen, although Matt had some fairly heavy shit on his mind. And why didn’t the girl show? Because she’d been taken hostage with Tyler. Yea, not exactly a party. Damon and Alaric showed up to get their drink on, but Matt didn’t stay because those two dudes are mopey as hell. Plus, Matt knew that Damon was a vampire and wasn’t eager to rub shoulders with evil. (Especially when he was hoping to use Damon as a scapegoat and think Caroline was just a victim. Everybody wants a scapegoat. Or, if you’re Michael Scott of The Office – an “escape goat.”)

Later on, Damon goes to rescue Caroline and Tyler (well, maybe not “rescue”) and a witch puts juju on him. To stop the witch, Matt appeared from the woods (with a rifle of wooden bullets) and shot him. BOOM. Suddenly Matt was totally in this thing, bitches!

While he could have gone to someone for help, he didn’t ask anyone to come with him. He took a gun, and he went to find the woman he loves! How romantic is that? I think this proves where his loyalties lay. He doesn’t believe the horrible things that Caroline’s Mom says about her. He trusts what he feels.

Damon: “Listen man, not a good time to play the hero.”

Matt, was there to save Caroline. Which was so frickin’ honorable. When Damon runs in to free Caroline and (reluctantly) Tyler, he mentions that Matt was there and with wooden bullets to boot. Caroline realized that Matt must know more than he’s let on. Vampire Diaries season 2 has finally let Matt “grow up” so to speak.

Caroline runs to help Matt, who was knocked out by Damon. And Damon has a new nickname for him – Boy Wonder.The four (Damon, Caroline, Tyler and Matt – yay for the gang!) made their way through the woods to get Tyler locked up before he wolfed out. But they didn’t really stand a chance, did they? So Caroline and Matt went to the Lockwood cellar to hide on Damon’s orders. I thought this probably gave them a good chance to talk and rehash … uh, everything. But first they had to locked up the gate and pray Tyler wouldn’t get to them. Matt, seeing Tyler-as-a-wolf, really made him pee his pants. Well, not literally. But he looked pretty damn shocked. He’s the only one of his friends that isn’t a supernatural. It might give some people issues.

P.S. Good thing I didn’t try to write a Vampire Diaries recap based on Jeremy of Bonnie’s pov, neither appeared in this episode. Even Jenna got a bit of screentime. (Hell, especially at the end!)