Never lose track of your favorite Vampire Diaries quotes by episode. For the episode “Crying Wolf” we’ve got some great Damon quotes, Alaric quotes, Tyler Quotes….you get the idea.

elena and stefan

“My new girlfriend. Andie Starr. Action News.” – Damon
“It’s not called Action News.” – Alaric
“Yea, I just like saying it.” – Damon

“Tell me you’re not gonna kill him at the teaparty.” – Alaric to Damon

“Somebody needs to explain to me what the big deal is about a rock.” – Tyler

“She’s selling it, and he’s buying it. Shes’ giving him the sex smile.” – Caroline to Jeremy about Bonnie

“What kind or witch roofie was that?” – Jeremy
“A strong one.” – Bonnie

“You’re a Dick.” – Alaric to John Gilbert

“We don’t want to break the curse.” – Stefan
“Yea, well, I do.” – Tyler

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