katerina graham

Katerina Graham is the actress who plays Bonnie in The CW’s hit show “The Vampire Diaries”. Little did I know until just now that she has a Twitter account that she updates with surprising frequency (or at least when she’s not working super long hours making that show we love). Anyway, on January 2nd she tweeted, “Everyone follow @gasolineglamour all the funky amazing jewelry I wear is from them. Love love love”.

I scooted over to the website since I also write a smart shopping blog (which means my eyes are always eerily wide to spot new stuff), and discovered that the jewelry is worthy of being talked up so much. It’s very funky, and if you are familiar with jewelry by Betsey Johnson then you might start to get an idea of what it’s like.

The top picture is of Katerina in December 09 at ‘Friends Without a Border’s Benefit Gala’. (Learn more about the cause at fwab.org) The necklace here is from Gasoline Glamour. The image is from katerina-images.com.

The images of her in the black dress feature a large ring and necklace which I am pretty sure are also from Gasoline Glamour.

Want to steal Katerina’s style for less? We’ve found some items on Gasoline Glamour that are under $100.00, some that are as low as $30.00!

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