The latest advertisements for The Vampire Diaries are walking a thin line between sexy and gross. That’s not a line we like to play with, you know?

First off, they want you to “Catch VD” which seems a lot like telling viewers to catch a venereal disease. While reps claim that it’s not meant to have a double meaning, fans often refer to the show online as TVD much more often than VD. Their campaign should use “Catch TVD” if they are, in fact, not trying to be clever. (But c’mon, they totally are.)

And now a new preview for The Vampire Diaries is titled “Got Wood” and is accompanied by sexual charged video clips. So, we ask the fans: is this crass, fun or funny?

YouTube user xDriftAway90x commented, “um seriously, whoever is the ad person for tvd needs to be fired -___- why do they market the show as the vampire version of skins? the show actually has STORY and DEPTH to it, not just venerial diseases…. damn.”

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