With her Yellowcake Shop label, Valerie Mayen continually proves to be as sweet as ever.

There are plenty of Project Runway “survivors” (it’s tough to get through that show, even for a few weeks!) aka alum that are worth re-visiting. One of them, who captivated us during season  8 is Valerie Mayen.

Unfortunately eliminated in week 10, Mayen shared the work-room with other popular designers such as Mondo Guerra, April Johnston, Michael Costello, and Andy South.

Mayen is unquestionably talented (she had one of the top three high scores four weeks in a row, and earned our favor in Project Runway recaps) and equally, unquestionably sweet (as demonstrated on the show, and even a quick glance at her Twitter feed.)

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Recently, Yellowcake Shop threw their Hullabaloo fundraiser at the Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. The Predicate Attire blog has some pictures.

Captivated by the welcoming, vibrantly fun energy projected by Mayen and her clothing, I couldn’t resist from reminding you guys about all the great things she’s creating. Below are some great images for you to check out. When I talked to Tim Gunn last week (yes, I’m totally bragging), he had only great things to say about Mayen.

I’d also like to say that as someone who covers New Girl fashion (with Jess Day via Zooey Deschanel) and by natural extension Zooey Deschanel fashion… the Yellowcake Shop label seems right up that alley of Mod Cloth style dresses with a retro nod and cutsey appeal.

That’s the idea behind Yellowcake. Sweet design with classic style. i love art. i love to sew. i love david bowie. no, i don’t make hand-sewn paintings of david bowie, but that;s not a bad idea, eh? – Valerie Mayen, yellowcakeshop.com

new girl fashion jess

new girl fashion

new girl fashion

Couldn’t you see Zooey Deschanel or Jess Day wearing this? With the high, sheer polka-dotted neckline and short skirt length it’s exactly in in the right vein of being fun without looking overly sexy. Pair with dark tights and amazing boldly colored maryjanes for a complete outfit. A cardigan will keep you warm, and a unique brooch will be the perfect final touch.

Valerie Mayen models one of her own jackets. The teal lining is a fun pop. She’s paired it with short pink leather gloves and a mod black dress.

Minicake is for kids! And boy will they love it. Adorably cute, right?

You can get a “piece of cake” (zero carbs, zero sugar!) over at the Etsy shop or if you’re in Northeast Ohio, head over to the shop on corner of West 65th and Detroit Ave.

Which Yellowcake Shop jacket can you best picture Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) wearing? More importantly, which can you best see yourself wearing?

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