On this episode of ‘Under the Gunn’ our leading man, Tim Gunn, was insulted by Isabelle once again. (THE NERVE.)

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Under the Gunn Review – Season 1, Episode 5 – “Hit the Stage”

Last night’s challenge was to create a STAGE LOOK for Zendaya. (She’s a Disney star, author, dancer, singer…she’s probably also a chemist and bio-engineer. Geez.)

‘Under the Gunn’ Weekly Challenge with Zendaya

My main note about this…. almost everyone used black and white! Unusual.

Most of the episode was fairly boring…except for the moments with Isabelle. She argues with her mentor, Nick, a LOT. She also – always – is late to the runway. And when Tim Gunn tells you it’s time to go to the runway, YOU GET TO THE RUNWAY. But she? She never does. She’s annoying and awful and ugh.

So, how did the teams stack up?

Mondo’s team did awesome. Amazing pattern play. Just, overall great.

Nick’s team… oh, no, no, no, no, NO. And if he really thinks what Oscar did with red sequins was good…ugh.

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Anya’s team, like Mondo’s, was really satisfying to see.

Zendaya thinking “you want me to show THAT might cheek?”

‘Under the Gunn’ Judging

Natalia – Bottom 4

Her sporty look was something J Lo’s backup dancers in 199 would wear. Zanna said it wasn’t glamorous enough. Zendaya (her shoes!) liked the touch of “Z” on it, but thought it was too casual for the stage.

Stephanie – Bottom 4

Her futuristic waxed denim didn’t work because it didn’t fit well. It’s sad, because the idea was great. Zendaya also liked the idea.

Oscar – Bottom 4

This was the red, fringe, sequin…monstrosity. Zanna said she’d written down “Zendaya on Ice.” Zendaya thought it was fabulous for Beyonce. Jen actually loved it… yikes.

Blake – Top 3

This all white (with touches fo black) is something I didn’t hate. But Jen said the only positive thing she could say is that she liked the earrings. Zendaya really liked the futuristic look, and wanted the shorts a tiny bit longer.

Shan – Top 3

His look was AWESOME. This black leather motorcycle jacket with fringe, and Zendaya called it “dope.” Zanna thought it was a cool look, and the tropical pants gave it a wow factor. Even Jen liked it.

Asha – Top 3

Her sexy tomboy look got raves from Zendaya, Zanna, and Jen. But their question was how they would move in the bottom part.

Isabelle – Bottom 4

This …was a total disaster. It wasn’t finished. Zanna thought it was unacceptable. Zendaya said it look “homemadey.” (I.E. Amateur hour.) Jen thought it was seconds away from falling apart. And Isabelle had tons of excuses. She argued with Jen quite a bit. Tim, going in for the drama, asked how she thought she worked with her mentor, Nick. (She hates him and likes to blame him.) She said, of course, that she didn’t think she worked well with him.

Final Bits

Nick was giving a chance to respond, and he said it had been a great struggle to guide her, and his mentoring was being wasted.

Anya was shocked by what Nick was saying. And Mondo also felt it was … “a completely different approach to mentoring than I do.” Oh Mondo…you’re so nice!

It came down to Shan and Asha for the win.

OBVIOUSLY Isabelle was the one who went home.

This made all of Nick’s designers wonder if Nick would go to the bat and defend them, or blame them. …Ouch.

Asha. Bam.

ADD YOUR TWO CENTS:  Do you think Nick is being a poor mentor?