If we didn’t have eccentric crazies who make outfits you could wear in space, then it wouldn’t be FASHION, dahling.

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‘Under the Gun’ Episode 2 Recap

Seven designers were up for examination in this episode, but only five could be picked. OH DEAR.


As it stands: Mondo Guerra has 2 designers, Nick Verreos has 2 designers, and Anya Ayoung-Chee has 3 already.

The challenge was to show their POV as a designer, in under six hours. They also got to race and grab as much fabric as they could. And those bolts of fabric AIN’T LIGHT. So carrying many of them was slowing them all down. Plus, that’s a lot of choice to decide between, I might have had a mild nervous breakdown. (But I’m sure one of them would have had a pocket square to fan me with, right?)

Mondo wasn’t sure he wanted Sam, but once he saw that Anya and Nick liked him…well, suddenly he was all about Sam. And I get that, I get like that, too. I’ve even had a salesperson use that against me to get me to buy something. Freakin’ psychology.

Amy Sim is a Mother of college-bound boys (or, they have already bounded there, rather) and she seems very likeable. Plus, she likes feminine florals and poofy dresses so you know I’m all over her style.

People design, the mentors say things, and then Tim talks with the mentors in the mentor’s lounge. EXHALE. Tim Gunn reminds us all that “the cake’s not out of the oven.” He should be my lifecoach. I burn everything.

The model for Sam Donovan makes a disgusted face as she looks over the balloon sleeves of the top she’s wearing, and plainly asks, “what was the challenge?” Oh, brother. Doesn’t she know models can’t understand the artistic merit of tweed, raglan sleeved, straightjackets?!

Nicholas Komor is slow. Real slow. He even talks slow. Seriously. This is a sprint, not a marathon! Or, it’s both. A sprintathon!

Tim Gunn wears a bright yellow tie with a black pinstripe suit blazer, but with a blue dress shirt, and golden silk pockety thing…and somehow he transcends the “anything yellow and black is a bee” look. Bravo.

Isabelle Donola wears funny hats, and speaks in a chirpy stream of nonsense words that never fully emerge from her mouth. What’s memorable about her is that Tim Gunn nearly had to physically pull her away from the sewing machine. He uses his stern tone! She begs for two minutes. And he’s like, NU UH. Who does she think she is?! She’s not just slow, she’s annoying about it. As she goes to the hall she keeps trying to fix her garment and again, Tim is like, STOP, NO. These ‘Project Runway’ type rules are SACRED, so I really am annoyed that she was trying to break them so much. You cannot muck with tradition like that. RESPECT THE PROCESS.

Stephanie Ohnmacht made a structured dress that I ended up loving. There’s good keyhole detailing. I would wear that dress. I would especially wear that dress if I was Emily Blunt.

Amy Sim made a dress that …I don’t know. It’s almost great. I’m not even sure if it’s good. I can’t decide. The skirt is separated oddly, and might have been better with brighter, topical colors.

Sam Donovan surprised me by making something that was Slacker Gossip Girl Uniform, and I liked it. eErena Van Der Woodsen would have loved it, too.

Isabelle Donola actually made an interested dress with pleats and folds all over…but I still dislike her as a designer in terms of her methods and personality.

Rey Ortiz made a piece that didn’t excite me..the colors …eh, the ..it was like the 80’s exploded on a gangster and a Victorian man.

Asha Daniels created a 3D type of dress that doesn’t look as cool as I thought it was going to. It looks too tacky.

Nicholas Komor made what is basically a black T-shirt. Disgusting. Up close, I can at least see this tunic has navy and black, which make the white pocket patch look more fun with the refined fabric. I’m nearly swayed.

At this point, who I’d pick based on their personalities is totally in conflict with the outfits. Except for Stephanie Ohnmacht. I like her all around. I’d probably also go for Sam Donovan and Amy Sim.

The make-up sponsor for ‘Under the Gunn’ is Benefit. AND FRANCESCA’S BOUTIQUE IS THE ACCESSORIES SPONSOR. (Sorry, that’s my favorite store.) Finally, good sponsors!

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‘Under the Gunn’ Team Picking

Nick’s team choices: Sam Donovan (nope), Nicholas Komor (nope), Isabelle Donola

Anya’s team choices: Sam Donovan (nope), Nicholas Komor (got him!),

Mondo’s team choices: Sam Donovan (got him!) Nicholas Komor (nope), Asha Daniels

At this point, Nick was the only one who needed someone. So the remaining three people got to plead their case to Nick. And BOY WAS IT EMOTIONAL. I wanted to pick them all, at this point! Damn the emotional resonance!

Ultimately, Nick went with Stephanie. YAY.

I’m excited to see how this all folds out…and I hope you are, too. Tim Gunn is a magical unicorn, so we must support his show! Till next week… Ciao!

‘Under the Gunn’ Quotes

“I hope they’re not say my clothes look like a space ship.” – Isabelle Donola

“We’ve got Star Trek hoochie…” – Nick Verreos (Quotes)

“I like things that are deceptively comfortable.” – Sam

“I think I could give you, just, The Bible.” – Nick Verreos (Quotes)

“WHY the middrift?” – Nick Verreos (Quotes)

“Ah, I want to kill myself. Like, okay, I would never do that. But I want to kill myself.” – Isabelle Donola

“Once I see somebody wanting something that I may want…than I really want it. I want Sam.” – Mondo Guerra (Quotes)

“She’s one of those wackadoo’s that I always go for.” – Mondo Guerra (Quotes)

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