tyra banks rabiesThe Tyra Show has been on for five seasons, and it is ending this year. But apparently not soon enough. Today on her show, Tyra Banks decided to prank her audience by pretending she had rabies – foaming at the mouth and everything. I don’t think Michael Scott (The Office) would want to help her with a charity walk like he did for Meredith. Tyra is a lot more scarier than that drunk!

I have been observingTyra Bank’s sanity seemingly decline, and this year on America’s Next Top Model I’ve really seen her kind of breaking down. She’s trying to please that guy in the silk ponchos (Andre Leon Talley) by wearing different colored bodysuits and slicked back hair for every judging – and is committed to this even though she looks whackadoodle and always has a camel toe in view. If that’s not a step towards crazy, what is?

The final nail in the coffin, for me, was two episodes ago where she did a skit where they brought in live sheep into the judging room to count for sleep, aka” Z’s”, and it all lead to the “Z’s” becoming¬† New Zealand – where they would go next. And I’m making it sound more understandable than it was to watch. They had a banner (which looked like a high school cheerleading squad had made) fall down above the judges heads, and there were fake clouds…it’s was a very elaborate thing. And would have been a good SNL sketch, if it had been fake.


Starts around 1:32.