antm 13

Here’s my rundown of most of the girls:

Angelea – She’s bad at posing and clearly a major drama starter. Once she got into the house, she became full of attitude. I cannot tolerate her.

Hallie – She was way too excited about being rich and was snotty. Plus, she looked older than she was. She is not in this cycle. Moving on.

Simone – I like her new haircut, although it’s pretty typical that they’d take anyone with hair and chop it off and anyone without hair gets a weave. Predictable much? I think Simone is weird because she said she’d like to be like Hilary Clinton or a Victoria’s Secret model. Uh?

Rainia – EYEBROWS! That will be her name. She looked like Denise Richards with her lighter hair, but when she went lighter she looks like Liv Tyler. I like her personality.

Brenda – She looks like a model. Too bad about all of her hair being gone.

Aimee – I liked her a lot but she was cut. (She was the opera singer.)

Nida – I loved her, and she was cut, too!

Anslee – She has a super scrunched looking face. Her voice sounds like Natalie Portman. I love her new blonde hair.And what about when she was saying to someone they needed to take her “corrective” criticism? Does she know that’s not the right term?

Ren – She’s so above the petty nonsense. I love her. Her voice makes her sound totally strung out, though.

Nadulah – She’s cleary the one to beat, and unlike anyone else there. Which means everyone is free to befriend her. She was the only girl who looked better in her before photo.

Alasia – She has nice curls now. Uh. Otherwise she’s a bit…much.

Krista – I find her very annoying. But her walk is good.

Also… Why did Tyra have My Fierce Page instead of just doing Fierce Book?