For fans of NBC’s CHUCK, tonight is not just the night of a brand spankin’ new episode (Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner) it’s also a night to pull together and show NBC and their brand sponsors how much they love their show.

Assemble your task force, nerds and nerdettes! Because tonight we’re asking you to help out with a very special Twitter project during Chuck. As the new episode airs, fans from all over will be live tweeting at NBC and their sponsors (via the commercials that airs) to let them know they appreciate the support for their show, in turn they support NBC and those aforementioned sponsors. It’s no secret that mostt people skip commercials these days, so for advertisers to see that people are actively waiting to see and comment on these commercials and brands – it’s a big deal. Numbers and Nielson Ratings mean a lot, but so does the individual shoutout.

Throughout the day, to connect with fellow Chuck fans, you can use the Twitter hashtag #WhyWeNEEDChuckS5 and #Chuck. Meet friends, plus food and drink are provided…if you have food and drink over at your place, hehe.

As Chuck airs tonight, you’ll want to watch the commercials, then include an @NBC and an @(the sponsors brand, such as @Tide) with the hashtag #NotANielsenFamily to show you’re part of this united force. Let the brand know something specific about your relationship to it so they know how much you care. Or, let them know how much you think the character of Chuck would love their product. Just make it as personal as you can!

Here’s your guide for what to include, via We Give a Chuck:

  • The twitter handle for both the advertiser and NBC
  • Some mention that you just saw the ad on #Chuck (mentioning the ad shortly after it airs will prove that we are paying attention)
  • The hashtag #NotANielsenFamily. This shows that we’re a united force. It also helps us get our point across. We may not have Nielsen boxes but we are here and we are watching.

The example from We Give a Chuck is:

@Tide just saw your ad on @NBC’s #Chuck. Thx! You support Chuck, I’ll support you PS-I use the to-go stick all the time! #NotANielsenFamily

Visit  WeGiveAChuck for more info. And take a moment to follow @WeGiveAChuck

P.S. Want to help out even more? On Tuesday morning head over to and take their Chuck quiz so you can be counted by Nielsen even without the Nielsen box.