According to masses of fans that tweet on Twitter, FOX has a bona-fide hit on their Tuesday night line-up with ‘Brooklyn 99.’ For the uninitiated, the series is lead by SNL veteran Andy Samberg, who plays Detective Jake Peralta. It was created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, who are also tied to ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘The Office,’ and ‘Saturday Night Live.’ What those shows offered in quality seems to also be delivered in ‘Brooklyn 99.’

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@ZattMuroske: I’ve been watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for 10 minutes and I already think its the funniest show I’ve seen since the last season of @midnight

@BfloZo: Over here dying laughing. My new favorite show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

@cooperjacob22: No need to argue #brooklyn99 is the best show on TV today

@MegCalcote: The hubby and I got caught up on #Brooklyn99 over the break. It’s so hilarious. If you’re not watching, you’re missing out.

@Bubbles: #brooklyn99 Is the most hilarious tv series I’ve seen in ages! I hope they make a 2nd season!

@aagon: #brooklyn99 is so good I wish that it could never end. I mean, it’s effing hilarious.

@RoxanaDC2: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is stupid funny.

Brooklyn 99 airs Tuesdays on FOX at 8:30 EST

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