Sometimes watching TV can seem like a full time job (if you’d like to pay me for that job… call me!), so we here at Small Screen Scoop have decided to add a new feature… a Week in Review. So, let’s take a look at some of the highlights, and yes, lowlights of the past week in TV. Fun! Or at least I hope so!

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Shows included: Leverage, Boardwalk Empire, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Rizzoli and Isles, Hawai 50, New Girl, Glee, Raising Hope, Psych, American Horror Story, Prime Suspect, Chuck, Downton Abbey, Veronica Mars, Netflix options and Terriers.

Leverage– While technically not a two-parter, this week’s episode, “The Girls’ Night Out Job” was just one half of a story. This week, as the title suggests, we followed Sophie, Parker and Tara (returning guest star, Jeri Ryan) as they ran a job trying to…. well, I didn’t totally follow but it involved a hot Bond-esque guy and an explosion. What more can you ask for? The ep was fun, but since Hardison and Eliot are my personal favorite characters, I look forward to next week’s ep, “The Boys’ Night Out Job” where we see what was going on with Hardison and those Mexican gangsters we saw in the brief glimpses over to the guys.

Boardwalk Empire– My oh my, what a season-ender that was! The last few episodes were one gut punch after another. Angela’s death. The reveal of Jimmy and Gillian’s past…. interlude. (Seriously, what’s with all the incest, TV?!) And then Nucky finally killing Jimmy, much to Jimmy’s relief. I honestly don’t know what to make of the finale. Where does it go from here? What happens to Jimmy’s kid? Or Harrow, for that matter? And just how much is Nucky’s head going to explode when he finds out Margaret gave the land to the Church? While I’m not always sure what I think of this series, I thought it finished strong and I’m excited for it’s return next year. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Once Upon A Time – *Sob* I don’t really think there is more to say, is there? Thank goodness Charming is so…. charming, helps to ease the sting.

The Good Wife – Two moments, subtle and quiet, changed the trajectory of the current story arcs this week. One was Alicia saying she would go out to check on something with Kalinda. Finally, a step towards maybe these two being friends, or at least friendly again. While I’ve been loving this season, the dissolution of that friendship has been an unfortunate turn. The other moment – Wendy revealing she was actually going after Peter, not Will. I can’t wait to see where that goes!! But how is it that Romany Malco and Alan Cumming are on the same series and have yet to share a scene together. I call shenanigans. Fix it, writers!

Rizzoli and Isles – Dead bodies, high school reunion, blah blah. The reason I’m including this (besides that it’s a fun show that I enjoy watching) is that Chris Vance was back as Rizzoli’s love interest, Casey. At least his face was on a computer screen – the character is serving over seas. I just love him and his character and want more of him. More, I tell you!!!

Hawaii 50 – Jin married Amy while Locke looked on. Oh wait… that’s not exactly what happened. But when you have three LOST characters involved in a wedding by the ocean on the exact same island where LOST filmed, you can’t really expect me to focus on anything else, can you? I didn’t think so.

New Girl – Could this show be any cuter? No. The answer is no. The positives: Sexy Santa. The kid thinking Winston was Lebron. Nick unable to stop telling Paul everything Jess said and then freaking out as he had to listen to them break up. “Judaism, son.” The lights turning on. The negative: For some reason they used the way overdone trope of someone answering “Thank you” to an unexpected/unwanted “I love you.” This show is far too clever and witty to have needed to go there not even half way through the first season. However all the other awesome means I forgive them. Oh, and for the recond, I often find myself humming the opening theme song. Days after watching the show. It’s an ear worm.

Glee – Days later I’m still wondering what that episode was. Rachel suddenly had a brain aneurysm and forgot all about being a good person the week before. Quinn seemed to forget that she had been batcrap crazy the entire season and was the only member of Glee club with a conscious. And don’t get me started on the whole black & white segment. But the singing was really pretty. Although, and this isn’t just Glee, because some artists have it on their Christmas albums, but “My Favorite Things” is not a holiday song. At all. Stop it.

Raising Hope – The episode was cute, but I really just want to point out that the movie theater had a My Name Is Earl: The Movie poster. Make it happen, Greg Garcia. I still miss that show.

Psych – A: Jason Priestly is still incredibly good looking. In fact, I’d say he’s just getting better looking with age. Why does this happen with men? Grrr. B: Gus’s face at the end was heartbreaking when he realized that Shawn was going to propose to Juliet. C: Shawn better still do it. D: How long til February? E: Part “D” was rhetorical. I know how to read a calendar. Point is – it’s too long.

American Horror Story – Is anyone still alive on this show? Anyone at all?? My last count, we are down to two: Ben and Constance. Kind of amusing, isn’t it?

Burn Notice – I honestly don’t know how I feel about where this show is going. It’s like it just keeps digging Michael in a hole deeper and deeper. In this finale episode Michael is giving a new team at the CIA (including former Superman and frequent Lifetime movie star, Dean Cain). But bad guy Anson (Jere Burns) is trying to get Michael to burn them as well as his supervisor Pearce (Lauren Stamile, finally in a role where I can like her!). In the end, he doesn’t do it and Fiona turns herself in so Michael can be free of Anson. I kind of miss when the just helped people. Is that wrong?

Prime Suspect – Donna and Kozik were both in this episode. But not as Donna and Kozik. As other characters played by the two immensely talented actors, Spague Grayden and Kenny Johnson. It just made me miss Sons of Anarchy. Also in this episode… Mr. Call Me If You Need A Villain – Mark Sheppard. I love that guy. Though his accent was definitely coming through.

Chuck – Oh, how I love this show. How amazing was the episode, Chuck vs The Curse? We got to see The Awesomes in action. Morgan made some leeway with Alex. The Bartowski Curse was broken. General Beckman was her adorable tiny self. And don’t get me started on the way Zachary Levi delivered the line, “She knows I love the points!” I could write a paper on the nuances of how he delivered that line. I loved that episode so much that when it was over I almost started to cry. Why? Because it made me realize just how much I’m going to miss this show. I think episodes with Ellie and Devon do that to me more than others. If you’ll excuse me, I need a tissue.

Okay, done crying. That’s some of what we watched this week. And if you are looking for something to watch during these holiday hiatus doldrums, here are a few ideas:

I can’t possibly recommend Downton Abbey on PBS enough. Seriously. One of the best things I have ever seen. They are re-airing Season 1 over the next couple of weeks on Sunday nights. It’s going to be listed as Masterpiece or Masterpiece Classic. Check your local listings, as each local PBS tends to run on it’s own slightly different schedule. Also, since I’m a huge Austen fan, on Christmas PBS is having a mini-marathon of their three part adaptation of Emma. It was my favorite version that is not set in California in the mid-nineties.

Also, on Netflix, please watch Terriers which was created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Chicago Code) and stars Donal Logue, Michael Raymond James, Laura Allen, and Rockmund Dunbar. It only lasted the one season, so It’s not a large investment. How I described it: If Veronica Mars was about two scruffy middle-aged guys instead of a pixie blonde high school student. Just as witty. Just as clever. I’m still in mourning.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae