What did you love on TV this week? Here’s a rehash of our favorite TV shows and moments. (Plus, what we DIDN’T like.)

big love season five

Big Love on HBO: We’re happy to embrace the Henrickson’s for one final, epic season. But will we ever find redeeming quality in Bill again, or just hate on him till the end?

How I Met Your Mother on CBS: Finally, a TV show episode about a funeral that was funny without sacrificing the heart. Shoutout to Lily Aldrin, you’re a trooper! (Could you bare the brunt like she did? We’d cry.)

Chuck on NBC: Sarah wasn’t in a black wig yet, but her demanding intel from Morgan was priceless. It was a heartbreaking episode in the best of ways. Chuck is entertaining every week. But hey, we miss Captain Awesome and Ellie!

White Collar on USA Network: Tim DeKay rode a horse, guys. How much more do you NEED? If you aren’t watching, you’re missing out on something special. Need White Collar quotes asap? Got ya covered. And hey – read our Burke’s Seven Review while you’re busy not doing anything. We’d do it for you!

Fairly Legal on USA Network: We want to be Kate. We also want her wardrobe. When we talked with the star, Sarah Shahi, she had an interesting story about what she wore to audition.

The Bachelor on ABC: That Michelle chick is straight-out crazy. Brad Womack might be doomed.

Modern Family on ABC: This show knows how to work their mix-up’s to play out as hilarious without seeming like cheap tricks. Gloria, please talk about the cupcakes to Phil and Claire again.

Cougar Town on ABC: We’re Laurie-proofing the house and loving every minute of this show!

Brooklyn Kinda Love: Playboy has no idea what it’s doing. People don’t watch porn for the pizza delivery boy start.

Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family: The mystery grows deeper! Who is A? We know. Or at least we think we know. And hey, Aria wore more cool feather earrings! (And they referenced Veronica Mars!)

Greek on ABC Family: We actually jotted down several favorite quotes from this episode: “Calm down, The Closer!” – Ashleigh, “I’ll go save Spiderman.” – Cappie, “It’ll be tofu, couscous, and murder!”

The Good Wife on CBS: This is one of the best TV shows on TV right now. Period. The law is so confusing and tricky, yet amazing to watch in action.

American Idol on Fox: Jennifer Lopez wore a sparkling pleated jumpsuit. Obviously, we couldn’t be more pleased.

Bones on Fox: Still finding new and creative ways to gross us out after all this time? That takes serious skill. We love those squints.

Skins on MTV: Okay, it might not be as good as the original UK version, but it still has great merit.

The Big Bang Theory on Fox: If we were Penny, we would have gone home with Rick Fox, too. Yum. The character of Amy is becoming more likable, at last. Can we all be besties? Oh, and can WE be the travel supervisor next time?

Community on NBC: No “chang” in the air with one of the best NBC shows maintaining its swagger! Highlights included “I agree with brown Jamiee Lee Curtis”, “You are ONE funny bunny!”, “Who is this kettle corn popping phantom?”, the universal truth that no one likes Tropical Skittles, and Ken Jeong as Senor Chang on top of the bookcase, stomach first.

The Office on NBC: Why hardly any Jim Halpert? Still. Michael Scott and Erin are a freaking amazing team. We want to make tapes to ourselves and hold dance offs’ against them.

30 Rock on NBC: Liz Lemon doing Drew Barrymore from that one movie (Grey Gardens), dressed like Jackie O? We love her vague references. Also: we’ll always be your Danny!

Perfect Couples on NBC: We thought the first episode that NBC aired was “shockingly excellent.” That’s a bit much to live up to. However the pilot that aired on Thursday was still damn good. Don’t listen to the rumors that this show isn’t good. Because it actually is.

Parks and Recreation on NBC: Hey, is it just us or did Adam Scott suddenly become super attractive and amazing? Oh, that’s right, he’s been that way for a while. We’re glad to see him on Parks and Rec. Also: this was one of the best Parks and Rec episodes yet, yes?

Jersey Shore on MTV: Fake Ronnie was …weird. Deena is not a good casting choice, that much seems clear. No one is impressed by her, especially us. But we still love our original gang (minus Sammi.) We’re glad Snooki has such a caring Dad. And man, Jenni! JWoww is strong and we think she’s our favorite. Can you believe that Tom? MotherF*@ker!

Outsourced on NBC: So offensive, so, so offensive. This show needs to disappear, and fast.

Shameless on Showtime: This edgy show is going to win plenty of awards. We’re telling you right now: you want to watch this.

Episodes on Showtime: It’s fun, but maybe not our absolute favorite.

The 2011 Golden Globes: We had five favorite moments. Jim Parsons is going to win Oscars someday, isn’t he? ISN’T HE?