tv show remakes 2

Because studios are looking to remake TV shows, I thought it wise to start a protective haven/habitat for TV shows of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that seem vulnerable.

Shows that don’t seem in danger of being remade:

– Alf (He’s not life-like enough.)

– Small Wonder (Face it, most robots just aren’t that cool anymore.)

– Wonder Years (I can’t believe anyone would dare touch this sacred show.)

– Perfect Strangers (Is this idea stale?)

– Doogie Houser (We already get our NPH fix on HIMYM, and child prodigies are old news.)

– The Patty Duke Show (Why would people watch a show about twins when there are twins on “The Girls Next Door”.)

– The Facts of Life (America hates wholesome TV now.)

– Bewitched (The movie already bombed.)

– I Dream of Jeanie (Feminists would be pretty mad.)

– Bosom Buddies (I think this idea has been used in several movies, already. Re: White Chicks, Sorority Chicks.)

– Happy Days (No one knows how to skate and deliver milkshakes anymore.)

– Mork and Mindy

– Land of the Lost (Because it just got remade as a movie.)

– Little House on the Prairie (Kids don’t understand ‘not having cellphones’ and couldn’t relate.)

– The Love Boat (We sort of have this already in various forms of Reality TV.)

– Zorro

– Mr. Ed

– Flipper (Kids are used to talking animals via CGI!)

Shows we’d hate to see remade!

– Full House
– Family Ties
– Growing Pains
– Family Matters
– Golden Girls
– Silver Spoons
– Saved by the Bell
– Charles in Charge
– Bay Watch
– Night Court
– Who’s the Boss?
– The Mod Squad (The most recent remake was way back in the 90’s, psh.)
– Three’s Company
– Green Acres (Because people DID like “The Simple Life” for a reason.)
– Out of this World
– Murphy Brown
– Matlock
– Charles in Charge
– Laverne & Shirley
– Punky Brewster