What would you confess about your favorite TV show if you could?

TV Show “Confession” Tumblr pages are popular ways for fans to come clean about their favorite shows. Passionate fans with stellar photoshop skills are behind these endeavors.

Today we’re going to check out three of the Confessions-based tumblrs for three great shows that start with the letter “C” (we had no more official method of picking.) All three of these shows – Community, Chuck, Castle –  have powerful fandoms. So, check the tumblr’s out, but don’t get caught up in shipper (relationship) wars. That’s a fast road toward resenting your favorite tv show.

Community Tumblr TV Show

Community Confessions Tumblr


Why We Love It: Each image is vibrantly colored, which reminds us of all those colorful characters at Greendale we love so well.

Sample: (Featuring Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs)

Castle Tumblr TV Show

Castle Confessions Tumblr


Why We Love It: A black and white theme of Noir is used to give a highly stylized look, and it’s awesome.

Sample: (Featuring Nathan Fillion and Molly C. Quinn)

Chuck Tumblr

Chuck Confessions Tumblr


Why We Love It: We love the notebook page inserts and the coloring is sublime.

Sample: (Featuring Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez)

Additional Fun: