For fuller immersion into the world of your favorite TV show, you can always try a good book.

Not all of us are so heavily invested in our favorite TV programs that we’re going to dress up and role play the characters unless it’s Halloween (although, no judgement if that’s what you do.) If you love your show then you likely want to embrace it in more ways. And there is a variety: fanfiction, t-shirts with logos or quotes, original soundtracks, jewelry items, posters, even beauty products (see: the Glee nail polish line.) Because there’s so much out there, the last place you might think to look for your favorite TV show is probably a book. But there is a large resources of books that tie into your favorite TV shows. (There are also comics.)

Sometimes they are written by the same writers of the TV episodes, other times they are written by scholars or intelligent, passionate fans. We happen to l love the books published by Smart Pop Books. Name a TV series, and you will likely find a matching book.


We’ve previously reviewed a few titles. Recently we looked at Neptune Noir, Seven Seasons of Buffy, and Coffee at Luke’s. You may also remember we reviewed The Vampire Diaries companion A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls, and the awesome Triumph of the Walking Dead.

You’ll find tons of material in these books. For Triumph of The Walking Dead, we found a few hints in the book to guide us towards some The Walking Dead season 3 spoilers. With The Vampire Diaries books, one of the most captivating chapters informed us on the crucial information about how the series was different than the book. But the best part of these books involves seeing how other people have interpreted the series, opening your eyes to new possibilities and insights.

After you’ve re-watched old DVDs of now off-the-air series, going to books is one of the next logical steps. Even though the series Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls are all gone (leading ladies Kristen Bell, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lauren Graham all have new TV shows) you can still find solace in books about them. Smart Pop Books provides a book for each of those series. (And more, like Dollhouse and Firefly – both canceled much too early.)

The only book by Smart Pop Books we haven‘t loved has been their take on The Big Bang Theory, which seemed a bit too simplistic for the hardcore fan.

We’d love to gush about every chapter in all of these books, but we aren’t legally allowed. (Although the site puts excerpts from the books on their site – check it out!) What we can do is provide you with the titles that we loved, and let you check them out for yourselves.

Recommended Reading (Read and Loved) by Smart Pop Books

  • Veronica Mars book – Neptune Noir
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer book – Seven Seasons of Buffy
  • Gilmore Girls book – Coffee at Luke’s
  • Supernatural book – In the Hunt
  • Triumph of The Walking Dead book
  • The Vampire Diaries book – A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls

Disclaimer: A couple books were sent for review