TV rivalries may come and go, but it’s time to honor some of the best ones we’ve ever seen grace the screens! We’ll start off with one of the newer rivalries… And don’t forget, you’ve got to take a side!

Glee: Will Schuester & Sue Sylvester

The intense rivalry between the amiable Mr. Schuester and Coach Sylvester is a result of Sue’s desire to bring down the Glee club – and her dislike of Will’s ‘incredibly stupid’ hair and ‘baby’s ass’ chin. (And hey, can you blame her for those latter two?) Her attempts to disband the Glee club in favor of the Cheerios are constantly thwarted on screen, much to her disgust, leading to her using ever more sneaky methods of bringing down her enemy. But for season 3 of Glee, will she have the same plans as always? Will she ever give up? And who does her dry cleaning? We need answers!

The Simpsons: Homer Simpson & Ned Flanders

Practically as long-running as the series itself, the feud between Homer and his neighbour is a source of constant smiles to the rest of the Simpson household. Despite brief reunions where the two appear as BFFs, it’s not long before Homer always gets tired of Ned’s hi-de-doodlie’s and returns to his usual greetings of ‘Shut your stupid face, Flanders’! When will he ever shut his stupid face, btw?

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen

From sharing hand-me-down boyfriends to fashion, these two are always butting heads. Sure, they often end up as frenemies more than anything else, but how long will that last? These two have been fighting since day 1: out of the womb!

The Hills: Lauren Conrad & Spencer Pratt

When will celebrities learn?! Probably nother. Another reality TV show, another one of ‘those tapes’. This time it was arch-rival Spencer Pratt who very publicly spilled the beans on Lauren’s private, er, life; throwing a massive wrench into the works of Lauren and BFF Heidi’s relationship in the process.

True Blood: Bill Compton & Eric Northman

They were never on the best of terms, but then these vampires both fell for the same magical fairy girl. The only thing they can agree on is trying to keep Sookie safe.

Saved by the Bell: AC Slater & Zack Morris

Theirs is another account of two guys and one girl who holds the object of affection. But we all know that Kelly and Zack got together in the end! Even though these two often had tensions, most of the time they were working together. By the time they had the Vegas movie they were practically BFF’s!

Frasier: Frasier & Niles Crane

The bickering brotherly rivals are constant companions and competitors. Their competitiveness doesn’t stop them spending every morning together, enjoying a super pretentious coffee and criticizing their father’s uncultured taste in…well, everything. But blood is thicker than water and, for all their arguments, the Crane brothers will always be brothers. Whether they like it or not (and often, not) they’re stuck together.

Friends: Gunther & every man Rachel has ever gone out with

Gunther’s not-so-secretly-disguised longing for the stylish and beautiful Rachel Green was pretty darn obvious to everyone who came into the Friends’ hangout – except her. She seemed clueless! The resentment which he displayed to every other male who dared to make a play for the former waitress, who simply thinks of him as someone “with hair brighter than the sun”. The muttered threats and refusal of service were even more obvious to Rachel’s paramours. Oh, la la.

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