This episode included a millionaire who ditched his mixer, which was pretty bogus. Why didn’t he show up?

millionaire matchmakers, season 7, 2014

Patti means business. Photo: BRAVO

The Millionaire Matchmaker 2014 Season 7, Episode 4 TV Recap – “The Running Man and Great Expectations”

The Millionaires

  • Frank Cerino with a net worth of 2.5/3 million dollars
    He’s incredibly picky! And wants younger women. He’s our ‘Great Expectations’ guy, or so says Patti Stanger. He’s too old to expect a total ten. Stanger also dubbed him a “Shallow Hal,” referencing a really bad, old movie. Damn, Patti. She does tell him to call up old girlfriends and apologize to them. Which he tells the camera he won’t do.
Teague Eagan, Teague, the millionaire matchmaker

Teague Eagan. Photo: BRAVO

  • Joe Bayen who is a CEO of a technology company, with a net worth of 40 million dollars.
    This is our running man who’s never made love a priority. “I have no time to stop, relax, rest,” he admits without any regret! But now, he claims he’s ready to settle down with someone who isn’t as organized as him, but who does take care of herself and work out.

The Bikini Mixer

Frank Cerino didn’t show up to the mixer, so Joe Bayen got 20 girls. But he quickly had two favorites, and picked Natalie. She’s a fellow lawyer.


Patti had the perfect girl in Yolibeth for Teague Egan. So she scheduled a double date to try and make love work. This is because Teague never connects with his dates. The double date involved a cooking class. Yolibeth and Teague connected and are still going to get together again.

The Date

Joe had someone help teach Natalie to play volleyball, and then our dating duo challenged another couple to the game. Then they had a mini picnic on the beach.

Next, dinner at a French restaurant with authentic food. They two really bonded and got deep into conversation, and both felt the chemistry. Yay! Too bad they didn’t give off that vibe to the audience. And when we find out where they ended makes sense… They’re both positive people who are open to love, but their match wasn’t perfect.

The Results

Joe and Natalie see each other but are not romantic because of her going to school in Michigan. Teague is not seeing Yolibeth, but is dating someone new. Frank is single, in Floridia, and never responded to Patti Stanger about why he didn’t go to his mixer.

REACT: Would you like Patti Stanger to supervise one of your dates, or would you hate it?