Everyone needs to know how to wrap presents with both style and class. So Aunt Chippy has decided to do her Chips Tips segment on doing just that.

Aunt Chippy Wrapping a Christmas Gift – NSFW due to Language and Hilarity (Or are you allowed to smile at your job?)

  • “This is an empty F*%king box!”
  • “We’re gonna cut this son of a b*#ch!”
  • “There’s gotta be an easier way to make a living, I could mug somebody and do better than this.”
  • “We’ll never have Christmas at this rate.”
  • “Everything is backwards or ass-ways.”

Who is Aunt Chippy? This is Aunt Chippy from Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC. Jimmy’s Aunt Concetta Potenza was born in Brooklyn, New York. She currently lives in Las Vegas. For 28 years, she was married to Frank Potenza— aka “Uncle Frank.”