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How did your favorite TV Characters spend Christmas? Let’s look at their (fake) twitter accounts!


QueenQuinn: If I’m getting fat anyway, I’m gonna pig out on Xmas cookies.

KurtHums: My stocking is covered with sequins. #perfection

SueCsIt: What is it with this world? Child labor laws are unfair to us, the common man.

SueCsIt: I’m going to fight this in court.

SueCsIt: No 7 yr old takes advantage of Sue Sylvester!

EmmaP: Mom’s secret biscuit recipe has been found. Goody.

PuckItGood: @SantLopez Wanna come over?

Brittanyyy: joooy to the woooolrd!

TinaCC: I want a sequined stocking, man @KurtHums

KurtHums: Okay, we need to go over your color choices. Matte or extra shine?

VoiceAngelRach: Jews need carols. I am deprived.


XanderLHa: Women friends – where are my freshly backed Christmas cookies?

WillowRosenberg: @XanderLHa Just checked, I’m still Jewish.

BuffyAnne: I saved your life TEN min ago. U bake ME cookies! #rude

WillowRosenberg: @XanderLHa Jewish people enjoy cookies too, fyi. No discriminating!

RupertG: Does no one want a raisin scone?

Spike: Can I bite carolers? Just a little? To make them bleeding stop?

BuffyAnne: Enjoy the seasonal cheer.

Spike: The seasonal cheer is making my ears bleed.

XanderLHa: @Spike Oooooo can I see?

Spike: Don’t you have some baking to do, misstress?


LorelaiLGilmore: How can I have run out of the essential Xmas candy: Sourpatch kids?!?!

RoryGilmore: Mom thinks a #Glee marathon is Christmassy. I agree.

Luke: It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic.

LorelaiLGilmore: @Luke No offense, but that’s like saying the most basic of facts ever.


CaseyCartwright: I see Sephora boxes under the tree! Excitement!!!!

AshleighLovely: I wonder what Lady Gaga wears for Christmas?

Cappie: @AshleighLovely Ten bucks on Reindeer antlers.

TheBex: I’d drool over this Prada if I drooled.

AshleighLovely: @TheBex Have you seen the Obama fam in Hawaii yet???

Cappie: @TheBex I’ve seen you drool.

CaseyCartwright: Christmas isn’t about drool!!!

Cappie: Don’t dictate my personal religions! @CaseyCartwright


SheldonCooper: These twitter trending topics are so predictable today.

PennAy: I stole cheesecake and we’re gonna make cheesecake eggnog!

LeHof: @PennAy i don’t know how to actually do that

PennAy: Then what use is science to us?? #lame

LeHof: you insulted science. now I have to spend time consoling Sheldon

Wolowitz: @PennAy Do you need comfort? 😉

PennAy: Don’t molest my mind on Christmas! #ew