Entertainment Blogger Danielle Turchiano (aka @DanielleTBD) has now released a pop culture memoir, titled: “My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture.” Snazzy title. Tell us more.

The memoir is all about growing up alongside 90’s TV, so you know it’s right up my specific alley of weirdness. This is Turchiano’s second book, and she’s just another success story that proves that aside from love, all we really need in life is several hours of good television a day.

Full of funny recollections and awkward situations, DanielleTBD’s effortless style draws you into her world.  Even if you have never shared her quest to find a suitor cast in the mold of countless sitcom (or daytime!) heroes, she presents a tale that any reader can find relatable.  It’s more than nostalgia that keeps you playing along (though that is present on nearly every page); it’s the very real look into the questions that are raised for us all when we realize that the television happy endings (and the expectations that they raise) may not be a given.

Buy the book: Order an autographed copy directly. Order from DanielleTBD’s eStore. Order from Amazon.com.

P.S. The title of this post is my own personal belief, not necessarily endorsed by Danielle.