With the first battle of tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013, we got to hear two country singers from … well, surprisingly not Team Blake!

warren stone

Did you hope Warren Stone would win the battle?

The Voice – Team Adam Battle
Michael Austin vs Warren Stone

These two country singers surprised everyone by picking Adam Levine as a coach, instead of Blake Shelton. Because these are both male country singers, Adam wants to see which is best and oust the other! (Well, he didn’t say it like that. But I’m assuming that’s the idea here.)

Their battle song was Jason_Aldean’s “My Kinda Party”.

Blake Shelton: “It’s almost like stone cold Michael Austin.” “Warren’s a little smoother, whereas Michael’s a little rough around the edges.” His pick was Michael.

Usher: “You almost gave a country swag…” he told Warren. That was also his pick.

Shakira: “I think I like them both equally…”

Adam: “You both come from totally different places within the realm of country… ” Because of diversity in his voice, the winner was warren.

Congrats @wsmusicsc – Warren Stone!