Last night on True Blood there were three things that stood out to me in the episode “Soul of Fire.” Let’s discuss them, and see if you agree with my top three things.

Marni’s Nature: More than ever before, Marni’s new nature was revealed to us. I love the way it was hinted at in previous True Blood episodes, and before the title sequence ran you were left to wonder if it was Marni or Antonia who had meant to stab Casey. Turns out it was Marni, not Antonia at all. Antonia wanted no part of Marni’s crazy ways. Who could blame her? Bitch be crazy! But, what’s interesting is how they had someone vouching for how Marni was always so peaceful. When she got a hold of some power, she decided she was tired of being a doormat and really went to town. There are plenty of quotes about how you see someone change when you give them power, and it was perfectly illustrated through the story of Marni.

Andy + Morella: Andy and his faerie Morella was actually kind of a sweet story. And, of course, a bit nonsensical. I mean, who see’s Andy and wants to ravish him? But nevertheless, it was filmed very beautifully. The grass and woods were lush with greenery, and Morella not only had a gorgeous pale pink dress on (that looked very much like it was from the wardrobe of a fairytale princess) but her entire demeanor  was dreamlike. And she was instantly enamored with him. And hey, Andy doesn’t get much action was it was nice for him to get a break!

Team Bill/Eric is a Go: And this brings us to the third greatest thing about this episode, and it was the bonding of Bill and Eric. They both agreed to die for Sookie and that was surely a unique bonding moment, but what really got me was much later on. They kind of tagteamed the killing of Marni. Eric went up to the …I don’t even know his name, the one dude, and tore his heart out. BAM. Then he taunted Marni with it and gave her what is almost worse than death – the anticipatory fear of what is certainly headed for you. When Eric had enough of that, he marched back to Bill, who fired the killing shots. But it seemed like teamwork for me. The only downside to this (which is really an upside, for the drama) is that Eric might eventually start to feel a little guilty for having Sookie when Bill so clearly wants her.

Smaller Random Great Moments of True Blood “Soul On Fire”

  • Jason saying, “Did I fucking do that?” when Sookie took down the barrier.
  • Pam spying some vintage Cartier and stealing it before the vampire was offed. Pam in general tonight was great because she was so evil. Her comment about her mani/pedi, defying her maker, calling Sookie a gashi n a dress – and Bo Peep…man.
  • Lafayette and Jesus in bed was adorable. Before Marni intruded!

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