Now viewers know that the True Blood shower scene in season 4 wasn’t all it was hyped to be, but that doesn’t mean the entire episode of “Spellbound” was a bust.

True Blood “Spellbound” Recap prior to the episode:

What are the main highlights of “Spellbound” – cliff notes style? You asked for it.

Alcide can’t stop trying to protect Sookie, and this pisses Debbie off. JEALOUSY, AHOY.

Sam’s love interest has a angry werewolf for an ex. Who know has his smell. SNIFF SNIFF.

Tommy stole Maxine’s money. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Actually, speaking of Donald Trump – Tommy’s version of Maxine’s hair really needs to be steal to be believed. It was very “There’s Something About Mary.” AHA.

Bill wants peace between witches and vampires, but Antonia does not. Sookie and Eric will help him at all costs. Including getting Sookie shot accidentally. FOG MAKES IT SERIOUS.

Lafayette has gotten his mediumship self all possessed by a ghost woman who had her baby killed. SHE STOLE ARLENE’s.

Sookie and Tara are firmly on opposite sides of this witch thing. And now they know it. HI, BESTIE.

Jessica broke up with Hoyt, who is pissed off. But Jason doesn’t want to hurt Hoyt by being with Jess. LOVE TRIANGLES ARE SEXY.

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