Well, that’s one more season of True Blood down! Can you believe it’s already over? (Luckily we’ll still get our dramatic vampire fix with The Vampire Diaries, and we have tons of fun features planned for this season.)

My favorite scene in the True Blood season finale from last night was actually very on in the episode. (Trust me, I could list about a MILLION  different favorite scenes and favorite moments – like Eric and Bill hissing their teeth at teach other. But bear with me, I had to pick just one or I’d go crazy and be writing all day.)

I was so glad Sookie went out to save Eric. I felt like she should have staked Russell right then and there. (Be smart, don’t let it turn into a horror movie where the villain is never dead and keeps coming after you! Has she never seen a Friday the 13th movie, or what?) He was helpless, and deserved it. (Sorry, Godric!)

Russell also informed Sookie on how to be motivated to use her powers – anger! Anger works. I’m sure The Hulk would be on board with that motto. When Russell taunted Sookie, she was able to use her lightening power. And when he taunted her more, she used it against him. He told her to f**king help him, and she told him to, “watch your f**king mouth!” I loved that retort. It was very Sookie-like. (And people online seem to be obsessed with the way Anna Paquin pronounces that word. Why?)

Why did I like this interaction? Because difficult people and difficult obstacles challenge you, and sometimes motivate you and help you harness your own personal powers (not that we’re all lucky enough to be fairies or vampires or what have you. And – hey – not that you’re lucky if you have those powers, since sometimes it’s a mega curse and bummer. I don’t want to be reading everyone’s minds, you know? Then again…okay, I sorta do.)

I love that Sookie was empowered by this antagonist. It’s probably a classic literary theme, blah blah. But this time we’re learning from  True Blood, bitches! (Yea, you can totally quote me on that for any educational English papers. Go ahead. Or maybe not.)

What did you think about this scene, and what did you think of the True Blood finale?

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