At the end of True Blood season 6, we saw Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) burning to a bloody crisp. While naked. On a freakin’ mountain top in Sweden. And we never got any indication of what happened to him after that.

C'mon. Like he'd ever leave her. Photo: HBO

C’mon. Like he’d ever leave her. Photo: HBO

But you can breath a sigh of relief, he didn’t perish. He probably burrowed into a hole under all that snow, or jumped off the mountain. Maybe he flew up into outer space. The point is, Alexander Skarsgard will be back for True Blood season seven. While it’s possible that Eric would only appear as flashbacks, or a ghost… it seems pretty obvious that True Blood isn’t letting Skarsgard go due to his fan popularity.

In fact, as usual, Skarsgard will be a series regular for the next season. This is according to Brian Buckner in an interview with TVLine.

We’ve got a while until we see Eric’s fate revealed, so get those theories churning. True Blood Season 7 premieres Summer 2014.

Do you think Eric will be helping out Bon Temps? Will he be jealous of Alcide and Sookie? Will he be naked again? (Hey, I’m asking for a friend!)

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