Well, that was quite an opener, wasn’t it? How many of you cheered when Eric yelled out with the very blood still on his fangs? Me too! With the killing spree this show has been on I had no idea if Eric was going to be cured or not. I think the Powers That Be know that he’s pretty much the fan favorite so killing him would be just about the stupidest thing they could do but still. I’m afraid no one is safe!

True Blood Season 7, Episode 8 ­ “Amost Home” Review

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True Blood season 7, Photo: HBO

Like my darling Bill. I absolutely luxuriate in the Bill/Sookie ‘shippy goodness like it’s a silky­ satin blanket swathed around me while I dine on the plumpest, ripest strawberries dipped in the most decadent milk ­chocolate with the freshest, sweetest whipped cream on the side. Um, I’m a giant weirdo. And now I’m hungry. What was I even talking about? Oh, right, Bill. Of course he doesn’t want the cure, for some dumb noble reason I’m so sure. He can never make it up to Sookie, he owes her so much, blah blah, blech! He said sorry, she forgave him, let it go!

I don’t even know what to say about the Tara thing except, really? Really? REALLY? That was it? I’m not even clear on what it meant? Tara is sorry for something? Sorry she didn’t murder her abusive father to prevent her mother from becoming an abusive alcoholic? The hell? Spell out the words, draw me a picture, do something ’cause I don’t get it! Tara deserved way more than that. Her death was off screen and basically ignored by everyone and that’s all we got?? Pft.

One thing I did learn was that Jason’s cell phone is even older than the one my parents have.

Oh Violet. Poor old­fashioned, beautiful, cuckoo for cocoa puffs Violet. I really loved her torturin’ outfit (except for the shoes, I can’t work flats) but I think we all knew she wasn’t going to make it the whole season. Jason wanted a family, he didn’t love her, and, oh yeah, she was psychotic.

So I was a little sad, eh, not really sad, more like bummed, to see her go but it was probably time. Plus, Hoyt gets to be a hero! I like that Jessica and Jason are going to have a beautiful friendship. I was okay with them being together, but I never stopped holding out that she would get back with Hoyt. Yes, even after he left town and the show. Denial is a very comfortable place! Anyway, it was just beyond thoughtful for Hoyt to bring Vampire Bill (love it!) his blood and it meant so much to Jessica. Please, please let them get back together, even though I do really like Bridgette. She’s sweet. She can have Jason!

You’re totally singing that song from Frozen now, aren’t you?? You’re welcome!

Written By Brittany Feazell