Oh. My. God. That’s pretty much the extent of my vocabulary right now. Oh my God!! Eric cannot be infected with Hep V! I’ve mentioned before that I don’t read spoilers but I’m thinking that’s about to change. I wasn’t prepared for this and I screamed “Noooooo!” so loudly that my cats literally jumped and ran into the other room. Call me naive , but I just didn’t expect this at all.

True Blood Season 7, Episode 2 Review

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True Blood season 7, Photo: HBO

I know the show is ending (boo!) and we should assume there will be deaths a’plenty but it never even once crossed my mind that Eric’s would be one of them. Because isn’t Hep V fatal? And . . . doesn’t it kill pretty quickly? Oh man. How could Eric have contracted it? Don’t those creepy black veins start to show almost immediately , so wouldn’t he know to stay away from infected vampires? Of course in the preview for next week we see Pam accusing of Eric getting it on purpose but that just can’t be! Eric is a bad ass and he lives a pretty good non­life, why would he want to kill himself? And if he did want to die wouldn’t he just meet the sun like Godric?

The one little bit of hope we have is Sookie’s special blood. Could it be possible that something in it might cure Hep V? If not . . . what else could save Eric?? As for all the drama going on with the other infected vamps? Well, I don’t get it. I just can’t make myself feel the worry that Sookie and everyone else feels. There is no reason a human ever need come in contact with a Hep V vampire! Just don’t leave your house after dark! I mean, it’s really kind of just that simple. How is it that the whole town of St. Alice was killed? HOW?! What am I’m not getting? If a friendly vampire you knew came down with the disease and went nutso, wouldn’t you just rescind his invitation into your house? Don’t hang out on your porch or stick your head out your window and a vampire can’t glamour you to let them in. I just don’t get the threat.

On a lighter note, yowza what an opening scene! We were all wondering when and if Jason was going to have a blood­induced ­sexy­times Eric dream, weren’t we? Why can’t I have dreams like that?? Er, sorry, TMI? It was definitely intense. And sure, we knew right away it was just a dream, but to me it was still odd (but totally hot!) to see Jason hooking up with another dude.

Now for a wee bit of ‘shipper squealin’­­Sookie visisted Bill! Holla! Okay, okay so it was probably for some boring, mundane, non­relationshippy reason, but she was definitely drinking from him in the preview for next week. Who knows, though, maybe she just wanted to bum a Fresca?

I guess all we can do is keep hope alive. And *hopefully* the next episode won’t come along and smash it all.

Written by Brittany Feazell