I think what I’m going to do for the rest of the season is print out a list of characters with a tiny box next to their name and just check them off one at a time as they’re MERCILESSLY MURDERED! Why does this keep happening? I don’t understand why everyone has to die just because the show is ending. Who made that rule? Because it’s a stupid one and I hate it!

True Blood Season 7, Episode 3 ­ “Fire In The Hole” Review

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True Blood season 7, Photo: HBO

Oh Alcide . . . I so enjoyed our time spent together. I mean, I could go on and on about how his body was so perfect that it made the very angels cry, or how before every episode I’d cross my fingers that he’d be shirtless, (and/or pantless), how every time he growled or his eyes glowed I got a little shiver, but instead I’m going to remember Alcide for what he truly was­­a nice guy. And a pretty wolf. He had his faults, but truly I think he just wanted to help people and try to be a good person despite the wolf in him. Sad.

Seems we also got one ­hundred percent confirmation that Tara is truly dead as well. But as to how I feel about that I cannot say because this is a family column! We were robbed of seeing her death on screen and we didn’t even get a chance to mourn. I’ve been a Tara fan from the beginning and, to me, it was just such a crap way to end her. But SPOILER ALERT (maybe?) Rutina Wesley has said in an interview concerning Tara that dead doesn’t always mean gone. So what does that mean? Who knows with this show!

I thought I would cheer when Maxine Fortenberry died but I was really torn. On one hand she was a world­class beyotch, jerk­face, but on the other she’d been with us since the beginning and she’d had her funny moments. Maybe this news will bring Hoyt back to town? But if so they’ll probably just kill him!

The Eric situation confounds me. I just power watched all of season one and Eric was just so cool and tough and straight up bad ass. He made a comment to Bill in “Plaisir d’amour,” “Humans. Honestly, Bill, I don’t know what you see in them,” and that attitude toward humans always absolutely delighted me! It’s one of the reasons I could never ‘ship him and Sookie. But now we learn he was all gaga for some wine chick? Blech! It just . . . it disappoints me. I don’t mind Bill loving Sookie, AKA a human, because as much as I love him, he was never as cool as Eric. He was trying to be “good” when we met him and so I accepted it. But Eric was a wild man who had only disdain for humans and I loved it. Basically I just want Eric to live and be happy with Pam and have crazy, bloody adventures forever. Is that too much to ask from a show that is supposed to be about sexy, carefree vampires? I hardly think so!

Written by Brittany Feazell