Just how obvious are True Blood spoilers, anyway?

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Many of you saw our latest twist on TV news, our Super Obvious Spoilers section! We did it for True Blood, and now it’s time to check-in with how our (and your!) predictions held up.

True Blood Season 6, Episode 7 “In the End”

  1. Well, we called it on Nora’s doomed death! And we also nailed it about how Eric would totally break down about this particular loss. Did he even freak out this much for Godric? Nope.
  2. …We didn’t see any funeral yet. But there still will be one, since Terry’s all…dead. (WAH.)
  3. Alcide doesn’t know that Sam’s back in town…but he’s been outed as not killing him. Alcide should just tell the pack that he made the decision, and own it, and make them obey. That’s the way of the wolves. Instead, he’s all “oops.” How much longer will he even be pack master? SPOILER ALERT. His Father telling him about how it’s not so bad to be alone… that’s some foreshadowing right there. They’re setting it up for Alcide and his Dad to go against the rest of the pack. Chances are you can’t just stop being a pack master without dying…
  4. James was back in a big way, that’s for sure. And Jessica surprised us with the whole…let’s have vampire sex, bit.
  5. And Jason suffering at the hands of Sarah? Check! Luckily, Tara’s in Gen Pop 1, and will help Jason become not-dead. Hopefully.

Our Scorecard: 3/5 solid, but all 5 are true and will still happen!

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