I don’t even know what to say except . . . YES! All the yes plus more! I should probably go ahead and apologize for the overuse of exclamation points that I will be using in this article. Seriously, there will be a lot of exclamation points.

sookie-stackhousePhoto: John P. Johnson for HBO

This episode seemed like old True Blood! I really hope it’s a shadow of things to come because it was written by Brian Buckner the new show runner who has promised that “the show is going to return to its roots and it’s going to feel like it’s about a gang of people in Bon Temps,” during this year’s Comic-Con. That’s all we want, right?

Terry’s funeral was exceedingly emotional for me. Basically I cried whenever anyone got up to talk which kind of surprised me since I didn’t find his actual death all that upsetting. The flashbacks where we got to see Terry’s “beginning” were a nice touch. Sam looking mighty fine in his sleeveless shirt; Lafayfette’s fryer dance, Sookie actually working, Arlene without makeup still looking gorgeous. And how awesome was it seeing some of our old Bon Temps friends? Lettie Mae, Jane Bodehouse, Maxine Fortenberry! Even a Hoyt shout out! And let’s talk about the fashion for a minute. A bit over the top? Yes. (As mentioned before I’m from the south and unfortunately have been to way too many funerals and I’ve never once seen anyone wearing gloves, veils, or hats. Ever.) But it worked and how fabulous did Lafayette look in his suit? Honestly, I wish my makeup always looked as good as his!

But meanwhile on the other side of town–

The vampires are finally free! Hooray! Eric and Bill both saved the day and they both deserve credit. Eric kicked so much ass, he may have set a record. That is the Eric I love, the Eric I have missed, the Eric that I’ve always thought is just too cool for Sookie. And clearly I need lots of therapy because I couldn’t help but thinking how delish he looked with all that blood all over him! This was a super bloody, extra gory episode and it’s what we’ve needed. I’ll say it again, it felt like old school True Blood. When Eric, er, decommissioned the good doctor I physically grabbed myself (is that TMI??) and I’m a chick! I can only imagine how male fans must have reacted. It showed power and I like seeing Eric like that. Have I mentioned that? I like Eric doing bad things!

And Bill finally realized how to save everyone; buffet! Why did he not immediately do that after drinking Warlow’s blood? I don’t know but better late than never I guess. I admit I got really nervous when the Lillithettes appeared and told him it was time to exit. But why did James give him blood instead of Jessica? Will that matter in the future? And is he different now? I mean he fulfilled his mission, right? Saved the vamps and all that. So can we have the old Bill back now?

Now here’s what I didn’t particularly like in the episode:

* Warlow acting all “You’re still going to be MINE, right? Right? Huh, right?” to Sookie. She isn’t property, get a new phrase! Do you know what I would just love to happen? Sookie officially agrees to marry Warlow, the deal is made, then BAM he morphs into the scary dude we saw last season and is like “Psych! I’m really evil! Muahahaha!”

* Nicole. Why did we need so many shots of her in the funeral crowd? I honestly think I rolled my eyes every time she was on screen.

* Steve Newlin’s death. I thought I was okay with him dying but it made me kind of frowny. And I was actually glad that Sarah didn’t die, at least not by Jason’s hand. He doesn’t need to have to deal with that.

* That nonsense with Eric flying off at the end! I just wanted a nice long hug session between him and Pam. Why would Eric leave now after all Pam has been through?

I really hope next week is as thrilling and exciting as this week was but it being the season finale and all I’m sure it’s going to leave us with more questions than answers!

Written by Brittany Feazell.

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