And the season of death continues!

true blood seaosn 6

Let’s get right to it: I lost it when Nora died. I was a fan of hers from the beginning and Eric showed so much genuine emotion during the scene that it was just heart-breaking. I had a feeling she wasn’t going to make it all the way though the season when Alexander Skarsgård mentioned in an interview that he had to do a “very emotional scene with a blood bag,” but I guess I wasn’t prepared. My reaction couldn’t have been any more different than when Terry died. Or lack of reaction really. I was expecting his death too and “meh” pretty much summed up my feelings. But dear Lady Gainesborough, you I will miss.

Do you know what I won’t miss? Eric’s 1600s hair! Yikes! I actually liked his long hair in the first season and I’m loving James’ do, but that thing on Eric’s head in the flashback was just offensive! Along with that awful English accent. I have no doubt Askars can pull off any dialect he tries so I’m assuming Eric was supposed to sound ridiculous. Which leads me to the question of . . . why? If the king knew he was a vampire why would he need to pretend to be English? Or was it supposed to be that at the time he’d been living in England so long that he naturally adopted the accent but just poorly? Also could it be that for some strange reason I’m fixated on this minor issue when there’s WAY more to be annoyed about?

Like the fact that I thought we were done for good with Nicole but apparently she’s back next week? Why do we need Sam to have a girlfriend? Why do we need Sam fighting with the werewolves anyway? Can’t he just be working in his bar and pining after Sookie like the old days? But since Rikki is crazy and (I’m guessing) going to turn the pack against Alcide (she totally wants to be Pack Master) I’m thinking he and Sam will forgive each other and team up to save Nicole and her mom. This is where I roll my eyes.

I’ll tell you what I loved though. Bill and Eric together again! I don’t know if we’ll ever get the bromance back (hope, hope!) but I’ll settle for some general interaction. I was obviously rooting for Bill to save Nora but it was just refreshing to see him help her because Eric asked him. I mean, it shows us that the real Bill is still in there, at least somewhere. Is Sookie ever going to see that? It seems like she just wants to shoot him down no matter what. And what was with the “Pam is my friend?” comment. No, she’s not , not really. But not only did Pam do her a favor by saving Tara, surely Sookie knows just how much Pam means to Eric and she should want to save her because of that. But no . . . Sookie is too busy sexing up Warlow (seriously, that name, UGH!) in a graveyard.

With only three episodes to go can we expect ANYTHING to wrap up this season? The war on vamps; Billith; Warlow; Sam being werewolf enemy number one; Arlene’s life unraveling? Spoiler Alert: NO!


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WRITTEN BY: Brittany Feazell