I have no idea how the writers of this show pick their episode titles, only that they always manage to find a song that shares it. They never seem to make much sense to me and this one is no exception. I, however, am feeling quite a lot of things. Sadness, confusion, annoyance, and relief just to name a few.

eric and pam true blood

Eric and Pam. Photo: HBO

So Terry was the big death. I’ve always liked Terry and he’s been around from the beginning but . . . that was it? I’m sad that he’s gone and how awful it will be for Arlene, but I’m not all that upset. Truthfully ever since finding out what he and his fellow soldiers did to the innocent civilians back in Iraq I’ve been a little cool toward Terry. And again if I’m being truthful, I was getting annoyed with all his guilt lately. Maybe I’m just glad it wasn’t anyone else.

I can’t have been the only one to shout “Finally!” when Sam gave Emma back to Martha. Was his plan just to skip town and raise Emma himself? And take Nicole along too? But seriously, why is Alcide acting like such a giant a-hole? Is the V still in him? Sam should read a bunch of dinosaur books and go stop some wolves! Why is he letting those jerks bully him? Don’t they realize he could turn into a rhinoceros or a King Cobra or a grizzly bear and wipe them all out? And while I’m asking questions who’s running Merlotte’s?

Sookie needs her head examined. Didn’t she rescind Eric’s invitation into her house because she wanted to be “normal” and not all involved with the supernaturals? What is she doing with Warlow?? (I just CAN’T with that name!) We were led to believe for so long that Warlow was such a big bad and Sookie was in more danger from him than anyone or anything she’d ever been in, in her life. Uh, what happened to all that? Warlow is a good guy now? Why doesn’t Sookie remember that he killed all the fairies? Her friends. And if he’s so good why did he send Niall to another dimension (or wherever the hell he sent him)? I find this whole situation boring and contrived. Blech!

sookie and warlow

Sookie’s feeling frisky. Photo: HBO.

I think we can all agree that Bill was a bad ass finally! Using his super Lilith powers to show the governor who was boss! I seriously think I was more shocked at him dying than Terry. I thought he’d be around until the end. I wasn’t surprised, however, to see that the plan all along was to poison the Tru Blood. But maybe we all saw that coming. We all know I’m a Bill fangirl and I try not to harp on that too much (I mean, I think I try. . . .) because I know he’s not all that popular, but please, just let me squee for a minute about him–running off in the sunlight, taking those bullets like they were nothing and doing that little laugh and shimmy! Swoon! And then just ripping that head right off! Rwar! I’m sure there will be consequences (there always are) but just let me have this for now!

Because I’ll clearly have to go back to worrying next week. Maybe Terry wasn’t really the big death and they’re just trying to fool us into thinking everyone else is safe now. I want Nora to be okay, I want to know what’s up with the vampire chick that Tara said was getting on her nerves, and I really, REALLY want to see that smokin’ hot vampire James again! I could definitely see him and Jessica getting friendly after this war blows over.

CONNECT, you don’t want to be in vamp camp without us!

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Written by Brittany Feazell