Oh man. Wowza, wowzers, and some other exclamation starting with “wow.” It’s going down in Bon Temps and I don’t know if I can deal! Just in case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t I envy you because I’ve spent countless hours agonizing over it) there’s going to be a death this season. And I don’t mean a random Joe Blow Vampire, but someone we know and care about. Well, judging by the end of this episode, it’s going to happen soon.

sookie and jason

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Ben is Warlow! I guess we found this out in the last episode but it was made official in this one. So Warlow (where did that name come from, anyway? I mean is that supposed to be his first name or last? And if Russel Eddington was so old that his real name wasn’t even a word but a symbol then how does Warlow come to have his name? Does that mean he *chose* Warlow? What a stupid choice! Erm, no offense to anyone out there actually named Warlow. . . .) is a fairy and a vampire and is good? He justs want to marry Sookie and he only killed her parents because they were going to kill her themselves? But if Warlow *is* good then why did he send Niall to . . . wherever it was he sent him? I’m only slightly confused. Also, since Bill can command him and he (Bill) claims that Lilith is part of him do you think she’s possessing Bill? Are Warlow and Bill going to be friends now? Apparently Warlow wasn’t too fond of Lilith since he killed her and all so I don’t see why he’d like Bill. I was hoping that Bill would be the only one powerful enough to stop Warlow and thus have everyone like him again but I don’t think that’s how it’s going to play out now.

I think we were all surprised that it was Jessica who ended up draining Andy’s fairy kids. I mean, we were all so sure it was going to be Bill! You know, I kind of like it that Jessica lost control. It seems like we forget sometimes that these are VAMPIRES! They’re supposed to do bad things! And honestly? Those girls were annoying! The repercussions aren’t going to be good though, for Jessica and Bill both. Despite Holly trying to talk him out of it I think Andy’s still going to be out for blood. But I don’t get why the girls didn’t fight back. We’ve already seen them use their light to blast things and Jessica could only drink one at a time so what were the other three doing while the first was being drained? I’m thinking it’s going to mean something that one girl is still alive but I’m not quite sure what.

Hey, do you know what I’m not on board with? Sam and Nicole sleeping together! Putting aside the fact that they are total strangers who’ve only known each other for what, three days, they both just watched their respective girlfriend and boyfriend die! I understand needing comfort but this was just crap. I’ve also realized that I don’t really care for that whole plot device anyway. Do we really need for the weres and shifters to have their own story lines? And I know I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t for the life of me understand why a little girl would rather live with a man she barely knows than with her grandmother in which we have been led to believe has a good relationship with her. WHY?! For the dramz I guess. And I don’t care that it was Luna’s dying wish. If her dying wish would have been for Sam to ax-murder every person with blue eyes would he have done it? Probably not.

One thing I feel we can very safely assume is that Sarah Newlin is completely nutso! I seriously think all that hairspray has seeped into her brain because homegirl is NOT playing with a full deck. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she got turned into a vampire? And how is it she was able to resend Jessica’s invitation into Jason’s house?? When the governor gave the spiel about Willa being born I thought he was going to turn out to have a heart after all but . . . I’m thinking no. Sure, he gave her a private cell but it’s still a private cell in vampire jail.

The whole Vamp Camp deal seriously weirds me out. I want to try to see if from the human’s point of view (well, the jerk humans anyway) but I just can’t. Besides the fact that I just prefer the vampires it’s just way too creepy for me. The experimenting and testing, there’s just no justifying it. And WHAT was Pam thinking actually telling the truth to the doctor? Couldn’t she lie and say she didn’t mind humans? Couldn’t she fake it? She only confirmed their worst fears! I know she’s smarter than that, so I don’t get it. I don’t know how she and Eric are going to get out of the mess they both got themselves in. Will Pam be the big death? I don’t think Eric will die but I just can’t see him killing Pam either. Will she stake herself to save Eric? Pretty sure I’m going to need a Valium to get through next week’s episode!

Despite all the questions I was left with after watching this week (Including what was up with Terry wanting his old friend to kill him? And who was that vampire chick in jail who seemed to be in charge?) there’s one that I don’t think we’ll ever get answered: Does Lilith EVER wear clothes?

Written by Brittany Feazell

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