Well, it seems we’ve learned the lengths humans will go to eradicate the vampires this season.


Maybe I’m just being naive but isn’t the governor overreacting? The world is full of murderers, terrible people who do terrible things but our justice system still comes into play when it comes to their punishments. We don’t just round up law-breakers and throw them in holes to experiment upon. We’re having our very own vampire holocaust this season.

And I have a feeling the Shifters aren’t safe either. Why do these Vampire Unity Society people think they can help? What power do they have against supernatural beings? Nicole is coming on way too strong and I’m pretty sure her lameo boyfriend is going to be eaten (if he wasn’t already?) and she’s going to set her eyes on Sam. Why should Shifters make themselves known? How could it possibly help? These people just proved that they know absolutely nothing about Weres with the total failure of their surprised visit to the pack’s camp. (Is it a camp? I think I saw a campfire. Do they live communally or what?)

I wish something could make me like the fairies more. I really don’t get it; I love fairies in general! But here they just seem so . . . dull to me. Yeah, they have that special light ball power and they can zap people or whatever but it’s just not doing it for me. I think Niall is cool and I loved the idea of Queen Mab but the others? Eh. Ben needs to keep moving on and Sookie just needs to go to work once in a while! I know Warlow is always creeping around but how is Miss. Stackhouse paying her bills? And despite what she claims, I don’t get the feeling that she gets scared anymore. And really, why should she? Someone’s always around to protect her anyway.

I knew Bill wasn’t going to be able to daywalk just because he was so sure he could. Although since he did take a stake to the heart you’d think a little sunlight wouldn’t be such a big deal. Now why is Sookie so mad at Bill? (No, no, I don’t need a list, but thanks. On the other hand a list would help me out greatly because I genuinely don’t know!) I just mean lately. She think’s he’s Lilith in Bill’s body? She doesn’t think he’s Bill anymore? Well, is that any excuse to be straight up rude? Of course he has no right to ask for her blood but he was being truthful about saving Eric, Tara, Jessica, and Pam. And with all Sookie knows about supernatural beings she doesn’t believe that Bill could see the future now? Anyway, I do believe his reaction “You’re dead to me now Sookeh Stackhouse,” was a bit much. Then again Bill has always had a flair for the dramatics. But does he really mean it? It’s a cruel, cruel world for us Sookie/Bill ‘shippers!

What was Eric’s big plan with kidnapping Willa? Did he really think the governor would just reverse everything he was doing? Maybe a normal father would but we’re talking about a politician here! And as soon as he got his daughter back wouldn’t he just put all the laws back into effect?

One totally random thing that struck me during this episode was Sookie’s use of the “f” word. Sometimes she says “fudge” but other times she lets loose with the real thing and it seems really inconsistent with me. Obviously foul language doesn’t bother me and I’ve even been known to use it a time or too myself but it just feels . . . wrong when Sookie does. Anyone else feel the same way?

Written by Brittany Feazell