This episode immediately opens with Warlow breaking through the fairy portal on the bridge and probably everyone watching at home going “Whaa??” And it’s not just because Warlow looks like a cross between a pirate that fell overboard and a wild-west bounty hunter. No, it’s because we were sure that was Warlow who picked up Jason in that awesomely bad station wagon. Clever True Blood, you tricked us! Turns out the kindly motorist is Jason and Sookie’s great-fairy-grandfather who’s in town to help in the fight against Warlow. So maybe that’s going to be a reoccurring theme this season: things aren’t what they seem.


I think we can safely apply that idea to Bill as well. I actually love that he’s got all these super powers now but obliviously I don’t understand why. He’s still having visions of Lilith (and the Lilith-ettes?), but what does it all mean? What is he exactly? Apparently Jessica thinks he’s God. But then Lilith says he isn’t, but he isn’t Bill Compton anymore either, but one day he may be worshipped like a god. Yeah, I don’t know either. I don’t think I trust Bill even though I want to and really how could anyone at this point? I like to think Jess is just being cautiously optimistic and not naïve.

Eric all nerded out was a hoot but I’m still unhappy with him. Having Nora assure Pam that Eric still loved her was appreciated though. But maybe next time Eric could say it? He had a great idea, glamouring the governor, but surprise again! Turns out the humans have thought up some really great ways to foil their vampire foes. But you can’t keep Eric Northman down! Threaten him with camp (I’m guessing it’s not the canoeing, marshmallow roasting, arts and crafts kind) and he’ll just fly away to your daughter’s bedroom window and I’m guessing seduce the hell out of her. And can we talk about what Willa was wearing for a minute? Do females outside of Bram Stoker’s novels really wear stuff like that to bed? It can’t be a southern thing; I’m from the south and a big part of my pajama wardrobe consists of knobby, cut-off sweat shorts and stained tee-shirts I stole from my boyfriend. Hmm, maybe if I start wearing floor-length silk gowns attractive vampires will come visit me in the night!

One thing that was refreshing to see this week was that Sookie is still lacking in the brains department. With all she knows about Bon Temps, hell, all that she knows about the world of supernaturals and she just happily invites stranger Ben back to her house to play doctor?! Sure he’s part fairy but what if he was a bad fairy? What if he was a fairy and oh, I don’t know, a murdering rapist too? I guess we’ve been introduced to this season’s love interest for Ms. Stackhouse. Ugh, can’t that girl go a month just being single?? How about a week?

I don’t know what’s going on with Alcide either except maybe that he’s lost his damn mind. Kidnapping Emma? Knocking out Sam? Not ripping his shirt off in the fight? All these things are unacceptable. Although I still can’t figure out why Emma would rather live with Sam than her grandmother? Had Sam even been dating Luna all that long? I never can figure out the pacing on this show; I think it’s still 2011 in Bon Temps.

Oh and having a tea party with Lafayette is now on my bucket list.

Written by Brittany Feazell.