And thus, dear readers, we’ve come to another season’s end of True Blood and just like every season before, we’re left with but one thought: WTF?

true blood

Since the vamp camp was liberated last week I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen tonight, but I was hoping that there would be some resolution with Warlow. Well, wish granted. But we’ll come back to that. Because ERIC! My God, what happened?! He was burning but he didn’t explode into goo, so there’s hope right? There’s been some scuttlebutt around the interwebs that Alex wants to leave the show but I have no idea if that’s true or not. (Let’s all take a minute to pray to whichever deity of our choice that it’s not, k?) Why didn’t Eric immediately burrow under the snow? Why did he just stand there? WHY?! Alright, alright, deep breath. I have to assume the important people at HBO know that Eric is pretty much everyone’s favorite character so I honestly don’t think he’s dead. I mean, it’s not like this is a Joss Wheadon show.

So moving along! The vamps acting all goofy in the sun was fun, but uh, where did they all come from? Wasn’t it just our main group in the white room at vamp camp? Because they wanted it kept secret that the Tru Blood was tainted, right? I guess some who were freed by Eric just happened to wander around and see Bill feeding everyone and so they joined in? I don’t know but seeing both Pam and Tara hug Sookie was awesome! I really hope next season Tara and Sookie actually get to interact and are friends again.

Now back to the whole Warlow thing. This whole season I’ve thought Ben/Warlow was boring and sappy and annoying and bland, but the second he revealed himself to be bad I was immediately attracted to him! (Erm, what does that say about me??) So why did he go through with the whole charade of wooing Sookie anyway? If he was bad all along why even pretend to be good? I wasn’t a fan of the story line anyway, so it was nice to see it come to a close with Niall coming back (what timing!) and Jason being the one to stake him.

(Now here’s where I gush about Bill so if you want to skip this paragraph you have my blessing to do so.) Oh Behl! My poor darling! Your super powers may be gone but now you have something even better–yourself! You’re back and you love Sookeh and it’s so clear you never stopped! And you looked extra yummo in that white shirt, just sayin’.

But seriously. Bill knows what he did to Sookie and admits there’s no coming back from it. And while my brain says they’re not going to be together ever again . . . my heart can’t help but hope.

Now for the weirdness. The whole second half of the show just seemed bizarre. Bill going on TV and admitting all he’d done; Sookie and Alcide (okay, I don’t mind that one too much, but I did prefer him with the longer hair); Sookie wearing some of Adele’s old church clothes; Sam being the mayor?! And when was it established that Hep V comes from humans? The whole Tara and her mother thing–I want to think it was genuine but apart from it kind of squicking me, I’m worried it could be a trick. What if Lettie Mae is a carrier of Hep V? Could she do that to her daughter? I don’t know.

But it looks like we do at least know who some of the bad guys are going to be next season: zombie vampires!

Oh and P.S., thanks for the naked Eric!

Written by Brittany Feazell