Was it good for you?


Let me come clean right away: I enthusiastically loved the season 6 premiere of True Blood. From the action-packed group scenes in the beginning, Warlow tricking Jason, and Eric making romantic gestures towards “the girl in the white dress”…the whole shabang was great.

For those who love Sookie and Bill, I’m not sure how you’re faring. Sookie did admit that loving Bill is in her bones. But, thinking he was dead, she also staked him. (Don’t worry, that didn’t take.) And while it seems like she’s not interested in pursuing anything with Eric, they seem on less shaky ground.

For fellow fans of Eric and Sookie…well, we can still hold out for some tense interaction. I loved how Nora confronted her brother on Sookie’s porch. Sookie is Eric’s weak spot for sure. And Nora will definitely try to exploit it, if only because Sookie and Jason are the only one’s who know anything about Warlow – duh!

Now, as for how badly Warlow tricked Jason… what can we say? Jason wasn’t at all cautious about hitching a ride. Even when he thought he might be in the car with a vampire, he didn’t really resist the ride. And then he told Warlow every damn thing he could ever want to know about Sookie’s history! Talk about being played for a fool. No, …Jason just IS a fool.

And speaking of fools, what about Jessica? She’s buying Bill’s act, but is anyone else? Part of me wishes that Jessica was just fooling Bill, trying to get in good with him to be a spy for the other’s…but she’s loyal to him, and she seeks that family that she can’t get anywhere else…so I think she’s a sucker for her maker. Uh, no pun intended.

I think one of my favorite moments was seeing Pam and Tara on the beach. (And I’m not even a major fan of them. IT was just really beautifully directed by Stephen Moyer.)

So, now that you know my thoughts…it’s time to share yours. What did you think of the finale on a scale of 1 (mehhh, lizard guts) to 10 (holy cupcakes on a unicorn!)