Even though this hasn’t exactly been the most stellar season, I’m sad there’s only one episode left.

I’m ready for the Lilith and Authority storyline to be wrapped up but I honestly have no idea how they’re going to do that, especially in one episode. I really, really don’t want another cliffhanger or a continuation next season, I want a fresh start! And I really want it to be summer for some reason. . . . However, there’s a lot to cover in only an hour and I have a feeling we’re not going to get a complete resolution.

I am supremely happy that Nora has ditched the koolaid and is ready to help Eric fix this mess. I’d love to see her staying in town and being around next season, not necessarily as a regular, but just showing up every now and then. In my perfect True Blood world Eric would be back running Fangtasia next year with Pam and Nora both helping out. I don’t know how she and Pam would get along but maybe they’ve already met? Pam has been with Eric a long time and doesn’t it just make sense that he would introduce his progeny to his sister?

How will Bill be saved, that’s my big question I guess. He’s been brainwashed but even so, he’s done some fairly bad things and once he’s normal again how is he going to deal with that? Assuming he snaps out of this. I’ve admitted to liking Bill dark but not straight up “bad.” I still want him caring about Sookie and Jess and all the others. Speaking of Jess, will she forgive him for hitting her? She knows he’s not himself and he’s never ever shown aggression toward her like so many other makers with their progeny. I think she will but things might be weird for a while.

Russell’s stichk is starting to annoy me now. Didn’t we already do this obsession with fairy blood thing? And it seems like he’s always throwing tantrums. He also constantly reminds us that he’s the most powerful thing in the world so how is anyone ever going to kill him? Will the mysterious Warlow turn up to somehow be stronger and older than Russell and fight him for Sookie? I would have like to see the fairy Elder stay around a bit longer; she was definitely wacky but also endearing. But the only real part of the fairy storyline than intrigues me is Maurella and what she has planned for Andy.

I’ve been wondering why we’re meeting Alice’s dad at the end of the season but now I’m thinking maybe they’ll end up starting a new pack together next season. Rickie and Martha could join!

I’m super anxious to see if anything gets resolved next week but I’m not looking forward to the season being over.

Written by Brittany Feazell

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