Well, the good news is that if this episode is any indication then True Blood is finally starting to pick up. The bad news is that there’s only four weeks left. And that means this season is pretty much going to turn out to have been a bust. I guess there’s always next season!

I don’t think I like where the Authority is going and I’m confused about that. See, I like vampires feeding on humans, I like them being powerful and naughty and gorging on blood. So why don’t I like what the Authority is doing? I think maybe, for me, it’s cooler when they’re good little monsters for the public, but in secret—or not even really in secret, just in their private lives—they view humans as something to play with or eat. If it becomes normal for vampires to kill whomever they want, whenever and wherever, without cause for caution, won’t they eventually die out? They’ll have eaten everyone! There’d be no need for willing donors or the need for a quick bite on the street followed by a glamour. Have they even thought this out??

And what in the world is going on with Bill? Wasn’t he trying to mainstream a long time ago? Suddenly he tastes some super special blood and he does a complete 180? I have to assume he’s got some plan in the works and hasn’t really drank the kool-aid, but I’m definitely not one-hundred per cent sure. I guess Eric will have to be the one to make him see sense.

And speaking of that old vampire Viking, since when is Eric the voice of morality? Didn’t he keep humans chained up in the basement of Fangtasia? Didn’t he literally rip a dude apart not that long ago? I didn’t think he cared all that much about humans.

To me it seems Nora is really into this for spiritual reasons; she truly thinks it’s all Lilith’s will. But I think Salome just wants to be a badass and take over the world. So, while I pretty much like all of the Authority (except that creepo, baby eatin’ Nigel) as long as Bill and Nora make it out alive, I really don’t care what happens to the others. Yeah, Russell is kind of awesome and his interactions with Steve is adorbs, but eh, I’m just not too concerned with their welfare.

(Now I’m going to talk about Alcide and Rikki’s “love” scene, so if you’re not in the mood for a lot of gushing or if you don’t particularly care for naked Alcide, then feel free to skip over this part. Good? Okay.) Holy guacamole was that not the hottest scene ever?! I mean, the way Alcide just picked Rikki up, growled at her, and then threw her across the room?? ::swoon:: Now that’s a wolf who knows how to treat a lady! I like Alcide’s character very much, but now let’s be honest here: the fact that he looks like he was chiseled by hand from God Himself helps a lot. Seriously, what is Joe Manganiello’s workout routine? Is voodoo involved?

Which brings us to Hoyt. Yeah, I have no segue way, we’re just here. Anyway, we all knew what was going to happen when last week those dumb rednecks kept asking Hoyt if he for real, for real hated Jessica. Like anyone who’s had their heartbroken, you know he considered unloading that gun into Jess’s heart until she was goo, but of course the good in Hoyt pulled through. It was actually a very sad scene I thought. I want these two back together soooo badly but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. But here’s something I don’t understand: shouldn’t Hoyt have met Andy and the two Sam’s on the road to that house? And did it take him all day to walk out of there? Either way, that “friendly face” remark makes me think Hoyt knew the person in the truck who pulled a gun on him so that just leaves me with the question . . . who was it?

Quick thoughts:

  • The fairys are making me yawn but the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents seems to be a real bad guy, so that might play out fun. It’d be nice to have a bad guy I actually didn’t like.
  • I think this may have been the first time Terry and Patrick’s storyline didn’t bore me to death. Loved seeing Lala being his old sassy self.
  • The two Sam’s were priceless!
  • Why did the vamps sit around so long with those bloody faces? As a human if I lose myself in an exceptionally good meal and get messy I don’t leave the crap on my face!

Next week looks quite interesting with all the vamp action. I don’t know who the guy vampire with the long hair is or what he’s doing bossing people at Fangtasia but I’m really looking forward to finding out!

Written by Brittany Feazell

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