This week’s episode of True Blood, “We’ll Meet Again” seemed to be all about connections – broken connection, people reconnecting after a long separation, connecting with a base wild/supernatural side. It’s all there. And I have to say, the episode had me starting to get into the show again.

In Iraq, July 4th is just another day
As Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick (Scott Foley) head to, um was it North or South Dakota? Doesn’t matter. They are heading to go find Private Ellers, and Terry falls asleep, conveniently dreaming about the incident that sparked all these issues while in Iraq. Thank goodness for well-timed flashback dreams! In it we find Terry, Patrick, Ellers and several other members of their squad in an empty town square on the Fourth of July. To celebrate everyone except Ellers, the low man on the totem pole who was charged with watch duty, head up into a tower of a mosque to do drugs. As you do in wartime. I didn’t catch what they were doing, but it seemed like mushrooms because suddenly the gun and rpg fire going off in the distance looked like fireworks inciting the group to start humming some patriotic tunes.

Unfortunately their rousing singing led to one of the townspeople to come and see what was happening. Patrick told Ellers to get rid of him, but Ellers heard it as “kill that guy dead!” Which then incited a small riot, a guy from a roof trying to take the soldiers out, and eventually about 10 dead civilians, including women (maybe children too… it was dark). As you can imagine, this did not sit well with the squad and led to their craziness. If you thought Terry was crazy, it was only because you hadn’t seen where Ellers was living. In a cellar that you enter through a hidden hatch. It’s lined with cutouts and paintings of fires (that look like the devil). Ellers comes out of nowhere and we end with the soldiers in a stand off. Hug it out, boys.

Later, Kiddo.
Over at The Authority, Nora (Lucy Griffiths) is tortured some more to try and find out everything they can about the Sanguinistas. As Roman (Christopher Meloni) lays in bed watching a video of her torture, he asks Salome (Valentina Cervi) to go and question her since the two women were close. If Salome can’t get anything out of her they will just kill Nora publicly as an example to what happens to those who go against The Authority. Meanwhile, the rest of the council members watch Nora be tortured with different amounts of awe and horror.

Salome was able to get Nora to talk, thanks to Roman saying that he was about to kill Eric and Bill right at that moment. That stake through the heart app is sure nifty. Unless you’re Eric and Bill. Then it sucks. We don’t get to hear what Nora says, but next we see Roman and Salome meet with the council where they discuss that Nora said one of the other council members was part of the Sanguinistas. Their rooms were being raided. I kept hoping it would be the kid, Alexander (Jacob Hopkins) because, being the weird person I am. I kind of thought that would be amusing. They were trying to make it seem like it was Kibwe (Peter Mensah) with some of the previous moments on the show, but as the guards came in with a lap top we discover it was the kid! He had some unfortunate video on his computer – videos he sent all around the world to incite riots. So Roman went crazy and staked the kid (with a stake made from Judas’s cross, and the 30 pieces of silver he got when he sold out Jesus – again, who read the bible all summer?!). With Alexander’s goo all over his face, Roman gave a rousing speech about how The Authority will not be undermined and all of that. I love Meloni, but to be honest, the story line isn’t intriguing me as much. Give me more Lillith.

One bond strengthens and the other breaks.
Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are dropped off in the middle of nowhere, ready to go find what is going on with Russell. Being that the number of people that knew about Russell are minimal, they decided to start with Pam over at Fangtasia. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) wasn’t there when they arrived (she was busy stopping Tara from frying herself and commanding she stop trying to end it. Sigh.) so Bill and Eric had time to prepare themselves for a dramatic moment when Pam came back with Eric sitting upon his throne. Bill was just hanging at a table. He’s only the actual King of Louisiana. Bill and Tara (Rutina Wesley) gave the two blonde ones a moment of privacy and went to chill in the office where they discussed her new fangs and her hatred for Sookie. Good times. Meanwhile Eric accused Pam of digging up Russell to get back at him and Pam was very very hurt that he would even think such a thing and demanded that he set her free.

Eric and Bill decided that no, it’s not Pam, and were back at square one. Bill went home to Jessica and they had another great father/daughter moment as they searched his office for any bugs. She also told him that Sookie was feeling down so he should go see her. He does, but it doesn’t go as planned. We’ll get to that later though. I love Bill and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) scenes. They are so great together. Back at Fangtasia, Pam starts to bond a little more with her progeny and finally gets her to eat from a human. However her bond with her maker is severed forever. Eric tells Pam that no matter how this Russell thing goes down he is probably going to die and he doesn’t want her to be associated with him, so he has to free her. The moment was actually quite moving. These two do truly love each other, and even if they’ve performed this ceremony, you know Pam will still have his back, and vice versa.

The end for Debbie
After Sookie (Anna Paquin) told Alcide (Joe Manganiello) the truth (minus Lafayette’s part) about the death of Debbie, he decided to go share the news with Debbie’s parents. Of course, Alcide decided not to share the exact truth and instead pin the blame on dead Marcus. He also took a hit himself because the only reason Debbie would have been near Marcus in her parents’ minds is because Alcide dumped her. But he was willing to take that on for Sookie. Unfortunately, Sookie didn’t know that and ran straight to Jason (Ryan Kwanten) after her talk with Alcide to turn herself in. She told him everything, and inadvertently Jessica too since she was still there. Jason told Sookie to calm down and he would see what it was Andy (Chris Bauer) even knew.

Turns out – he didn’t know much and what he did know didn’t matter because after the talk with Alcide, the Pelts decided to leave and drop the case. But Andy felt there was something suspicious going on and wanted to keep the case open. Thankfully, Jessica is a good friend to both Jason and Sookie and glamoured Andy into not only dropping the case, but forgetting it even existed. I really love that girl.

A Trip to Fae
Meanwhile, Jason and Andy are taken out for a night on the town with the judge as a thank you for getting his son out of that speeding ticket. They get in a limo with pretty girls, have bags put over their heads and are taken into a field. That’s right – they are going to a nightclub in Fae. Andy finds that faery he had sex with on the Bellefleur property after helping Terry out. I can’t remember her name now… Jason met a pretty faery (played by Brianna Brown) who obviously was fairly high up the ladder. Jason also saw a familiar face – his cousin, Hadley (Lindsey Haun), who we haven’t seen since season 3 where we saw her take her telepath son away from the vampires. Hadley hints that the vampires killed Jason and Sookie’s parents, not a flood. But the other faery tells her to stop. Jason doesn’t like it, and tries to get Hadley to come back. It causes quite a scene and he and Andy get thrown out of Fae and in the last moment of the ep are flashed with that faery hand light thing. I think they will be fine, don’t you?

Sookie’s Trouble With Men
Lafayette is not pleased with Sookie because she told Alcide about what happened and he is just afraid it is going to lead to bad things. He basically tells her everyone around her dies and she is an awful person. Harsh, dude. She goes and cries in a corner. Later Lafayette walks by Sookie’s car and goes all scary brujo devil mask on it and curses the car. When Sookie is driving home she loses control – it speeds up on it’s own and the brakes don’t work. Magically when she bails out of the car at 80 miles per hour before her car wraps around a tree, she is doesn’t have a  scratch on her. Wow! She decides it’s a sign to go home and get really really really drunk. I think that makes sense.

Lafayette sees the car and it is clear he only kind of remembers what he did. He calls Sookie to make sure she is fine and says he needs to come and talk to her, but she is drunk and Alcide walks in so she hangs up. Girl, you need to hear what Lafayette had to say! Anyway, Alcide tells Sookie about lying to the Pelts, so she gives him a lot of drinks. This, of course, leads to her telling him that she knows he loves her, him (not really) denying that, and then they make out. Which is only kind of awkward because Bill and Eric are standing outside the window. Sigh. They are there for two reasons – Bill because Jessica said Sookie was upset (I think she’s fine now) and Eric because he knows Sookie’s powers will help them find Russell so they will make her use them whether she wants to or not. Or Eric, you are such an ass. I love you.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s True Blood. I think the season is finding its footing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m busy making plans to go see Alcide play a male stripper on the big screen….

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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