One of the biggest questions of True Blood season 4 (especially after the episode “I Wish I Was the Moon”) is: will Jason Stackhouse become a werepanther? What do you think? Is one of our resident token humans going to change?

In the most recent episode that aired (see above) we see that Alcide and Debbie assure Sookie that unless you are born as a were-whatever (werewolf, werepanther, etc) you can’t become one. A bite, they tell her, will not do anything. (Except maybe kill you, but luckily Jessica was there to save Jason from that ugly fate.)

And, it seems like Jason did not turn with the full moon. But is that the end of the story? No. Because the books that True Blood are based on do have Jason turning into a werepanther. But you have to understand that TV shows do not follow books for every decision. With that said, fans truly do seem to be posting on message boards (including our Small Screen Scoop discussions) that they want to see Jason as a werepanther.

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On his Wiki page, I learned that Jason becomes a werepanther in the Sookie Stackhouse books, and enjoys hunting with the other panthers. His one problem is that not everyone accepts him because he was bitten into his creation rather than born. So it seems like there is a chance that the rules we heard Alcide speak about can still be broken.

We can hardly talk about werepanthers without mentioning Crystal. While it seemed for a while in True Blood season 3 that Jason had really found a girl he would love forever, True Blood season 4 has let us see just how much he hates Crystal (with good reason.) The novels have quite a bit more information about Jason and Crystal’s relationship, but Alan Ball might not be interesting in going down that path. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Some True Blood Season 4 Spoilers that may or may not come to fruition include: Crystal getting pregnant by Jason, Crystal and Jason getting married, and Crystal being killed with Jason as a suspect. Based on some confirmed True Blood Spoilers we know that Jason has romantic troubles, probably with Jessica. This seems to rule out a lot of the Crystal stuff, at least for Season 4. What do you think?

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