The riot that started at the tolerance rally at the end of last week’s episode had many repercussions, and not just the large death toll. Power has shifted both for the witches and the vampires. Chances are this is going to lead to a… let’s go with explosive final two episodes.

True Blood – Burning Down the House Review

What happens at the Dorchester stays at the Dorchester

At the end of last week, we saw Eric flying towards the stage to kill Bill (every time I say this I think of Uma Thurman). As Bill holds Eric off, Sookie rushes towards the stage. They all fly around, and fight it out – Eric even knocks Sookie off of him. I like how you could see that Eric was still Eric behind the spell. He kept telling her to leave, realizing he couldn’t stop himself. Bill shot Eric with a silver bullet, which frankly just made him mad, so he grabbed a huge wooden flag pole (or something…) and went to stake Bill. But Sookie, having had enough of this nonsense and used her faerie light to blast Eric. Thing is, that blast didn’t just keep Eric from killing Bill, it broke the spell. Both spells. (control and amnesia) Before we get to that…

Marnie/Antonia. As Antonia and Roy watched from the balcony, Antonia herself started to push through and be the presence we could see. She was horrified by the devastation of human life she caused. Looks like trouble for the witches… Then when Sookie did her faerie thing she was astonished, scared and more than a little intrigued. As was Nan who was busy doing damage control. After Eric’s spell broke, Antonia and Roy went back to Moon Goddess. So back to Eric… Bill went to kill him when Eric stopped trying to kill him (boys!), but Sookie stopped him and pointed out what was obvious to her – Amnesia Eric is gone, Eric Northman in back. I LOVED the awkward moment as Eric and Sookie stared at each other, saying many things in the silence, while Bill stood there like “ummmm…” and then walked away. Nan meanwhile decided they needed to heal/glamour everyone and make sure none of this gets out. And based on every conversation Sookie had with a human the rest of the show – it worked.

No drugs for Terry…. except for the anti-psychotics

Over at the Bellefleurs, Terry and Arlene are dealing with a new drama. This time instead of ghosts and creepy baby dolls, it is the fact that Andy is addicted to V. Arlene tells him that he is not allowed near the kids until he gets his act together, so Terry takes him to a place where people go to get better. No not rehab, silly. Fort Bellefleur – a sad little tree house in the middle of the woods on the Bellefleur compound. It is where Terry went when he got back from Iraq and was all PTSD’d out and on every drug known to man. Andy was the only one who took care of him then. This time while there, the two cousins fought it out. First verbally – Andy always resented Terry because he was better looking and more athletic so the family liked him more. Terry always resented Andy because his mom was in good with grandma and had access to all the money, but Terry and his family would only get hand-me downs and small handouts, and no real financial assistance, which is why he joined the military to go to college, and then wound up too far gone from PTSD to go to college anyway. (Terry wins) Then they fought it out physically – not a shock, Terry wins again.

Here is where things got weird for me. When Andy starts to say that he realizes he has a problem, Terry wins, he will get off the V. I thought FOR SURE he was about to hit/stab/shoot Terry. It just played very weird for me. But no. Apparently he was being genuine. Then Terry left him there to walk back to the mansion, which I assume is quite the trek, since they drove in the first place. All part of the rehab process! This was the least exciting story of the night, but still I liked it because it FINALLY after 4 seasons gave more background on these two characters.

Did you hear about the time Jason had to beat up kids for Hoyt?

After Jason and Jessica were finished with the sexy time in the back of his pick-up, both were instantly a little upset. Jason more so than Jessica. He kept going on and on about how even tho the two broke up, Hoyt is like his brother and he feels guity. Then he asked Jessica to glamour him so he could forget all about it. Man, was she mad. She didn’t want to be the only one who remembered. So she left him there and went to find someone to eat. The next morning Jason was enjoying a breakfast of beer and football when Hoyt came over. Jason didn’t want to let him in, but had to (what excuse did he have not to?) and Hoyt proceeded to cycle though crying and ranting about Jessica. Not at all awkward. Later, Jason went to complain about it to Sookie, who was surprised he didn’t have more sympathy for Hoyt. But to get his mind off it she asked for help with the witches and vamps (more on that in a bit).

Sam and Alcide – a pack of two

Alcide had Tommy in his truck after Marcus and his crew beat the crap out of him. It was clear Tommy was dying, not just from the beating, but from turning into Sam again. He asked Alcide to take him to Merlotte’s. I guess somewhere along the way, he also had him call Sam,who was there to meet them when they arrived. Sam wanted to call a vamp to heal him, but Tommy just wanted to die. They put him on a pool table (that pool table has seen a lot of crap….) and the two brothers had a very moving talk as Tommy died. They discussed heaven/hell, forgiveness and family. Tommy may have been one of my least favorite characters, but I will say his death made me get a little misty, so well played, Alan Ball. When Tommy finally gave in Sam’s only thought – “I’m going to kill Marcus.” So off Sam and Alcide went to find that greasy pack leader. They went to the garage where he works, but only found one of the crew. Alcide and Sam beat him and threatened him with a gun to find Marcus. Where is Marcus? Oh, he’s macking on Debbie as the two bond over how annoying they find Alcide. This is going to end well!

My body, My rules

Upon returning to the Mood Goddess Emporium, Marnie/Antonia go to discuss their current predicament in private. Antonia wants out -all the innocent lives lost at the Dorchester was suddenly too much for her. But Marnie puts her straight – those people were sympathizers and just as bad as the vamps. They are just like the people that watched her burn at the stake. So, Antonia is back on board. Oy. Meanwhile, Holly and Tara are using their angry woman powers to try and find a way out. Tara is worried that since they don’t know Latin, things may go wrong, but Holly is sure that because they are looking to do good, not evil, the witch goddesses (or whatever) will forgive some mispronunciations. Okay then.

Listen, I had this crazy dream the other night….

When the vampires and Sookie get back to Bill’s house, Eric and Sookie have a talk. She doesn’t want to look at him, afraid she has lost Eric. But Eric, well, he is still there. Both of him. He gets her to look him in the eyes and see that the man she fell in love with is still in there. (Cue me swooning) She sees that, but also says that the reason she was able break the spell was because of her love for Bill. (Again, awkward!) Darn that pesky and bizarre dream. He says that isn’t possible, she is his! (Old Eric!) But she basically says that if anything they are each others, but she is also still Bill’s and vice versa. Eric tells her he loves her (!!!!) but then Pam comes and ruins the moment. Dammit, Pam. She begrudgingly thanks Sookie upon hearing that she was the one who saved Eric. She is also annoyed Eric didn’t summon her right away. Everyone in the room seems to silently acknowledge that this one act (or non-act as the case may be) marks a change in Eric.

That his love for Sookie somehow eclipses the one he has had for Pam. (I may be projecting slightly with that interpretation of the moment. What do you think?) Then he leaves and Pam and Sook are left to sit and look at each other silently. (this episode was chock full o’ awkwardness!) Nan, meanwhile is very interested in Sookie’s powers, but Bill tells her it’s nothing. Bill also tells Nan that he is in charge now (and he will tell the Authority, darn it. Who is the damn Authority??) and his plan: blow up the Moon Goddess Emporioum. Sookie is less than thrilled with this idea because the place is full of innocent people, you know, like Tara. Bill is unmoved (“Lovable, isn’t he?” Eric says. Oh I missed your one-liners old Eric.) So off Sookie goes. If they REALLY thought she was just leaving in protest and not going to do anything, they have not learned a thing. Bill, Eric, Nan, Pam and Jessica silver themselves for the day, and next night they dress in black leather (as you do) and head with some heavy artillery to Moon Goddess. What they don’t know is…..

Sookie: The girl with the plan

After Jason agrees to help Sookie with the witch/vamp dilemma, they head to Lafayette’s to get some help from him and Jesus. Jesus is convinced that Antonia is forcing Marnie to do this – Marnie has been his mentor for over a year and he thinks the world of her – so they agree to go help. Jesus wants to do what he did with Lafayette last week, and force the spirit out. They head downtown, which is eerily empty because Antonia has put a repellent spell on the area. Sookie “listens” in the store, and hears that they are all still there – including a very loud and angry Tara – and Jesus goes to enter the store, telling Sookie to listen to him. When he gets about 15 feet away he walks into a huge protection wall that shocks him (or something). Antonia goes out to greet him while Holly and Tara get excited to see a trusted reinforcement arriving. The other moronic members of the coven see Antonia leave and figure the door handles won’t burn anymore. Spoiler alert idiots: they do. Holly and Tara’s faces there was hysterical. In order to prove he is worthy of coming in, Jesus has to make it through the protective barrier.

He does by getting that crazy demon head thing we saw last season. (“It’s a Latin thing” Lafayette explains to Jason. HA!) She lets Jesus in and the two have a one on one. Jesus convinces Antonia to let Marnie come out and play. Jesus tries to tell her he is there to help, but soon realizes Marnie is the one in charge now. He “tells” Sookie about his unfortunate development and says they need to get out of there. Meanwhile, Tara and Holly have made progress and start the magic winds blowing. They get the doors to open, and run out along with Jesus. Sookie, Lafayette and Jason see and start running towards them. But all of them except Jason get trapped in the wall that Marnie has put back up and are put inside the Mood Goddess.

This is all leading up to what I can only imagine is a pretty crazy final two episodes. I’m curious how much resolution we will get with the Bill/Eric/Sookie thing, or if that will just hold over until Season 5. Also hopeful that something interesting happens with the Bellefleurs, otherwise their story will just seem like filler. I do know a new person shows up as part  that story in the finale (Hello, Scott Foley!) so I have hope. Oh…. and did Crystal Norris just give up on Jason, or is that still going to be an issue?

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Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae

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